Top 10 Facts That Help you to Learn Japanese Language Easily

Do you want to know some Japanese language Facts? If yes then you come to the right place on Today’s Article we discuss some interesting facts that will help you to adopt Japanese language easily and help you to learn Japanese language. If we talk about Japanese language statical stacks then we found over 150 Million Speakers in Japan and it was 10th most Spoken Language spoken online in the world. English and French are one the top Language that speak online in the world. Best Japanese Language Course in Delhi

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1. Where is the Japanese Most Spoken?

As usual, we know that Japanese is the 1st Place where Japanese language speaks by the most people and the second Palace is Brazil & America where Population of Japanese is decent and we can say on that this countory will speak the more Japanese language.

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2. Japanese Has 4 Alphabets or Writing System.

If you learning Japanese you will know about them or if you want to learn Japanese language then 1st Learn about Japanese Language writing System. The 4 Alphabets are

Romaji – This is Japanese written with Latin characters – the kind you’re reading now – and you’ll see it quite often.

Hiragana- Hiragana is considered the official Japanese alphabet. It contains 46 characters.

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Katakana – This is Hiragana’s brother. Same 46 characters and sounds. It just looks different and is only used for foreign words like “coffee” and when translating your name to Japanese.  REASONS TO JOIN A JAPANESE LANGUAGE COURSE

Kanji – Kanji are Chinese characters that have been adopted into Japanese.

3. Hiragana & Katakana came from Kanji.

If we talk about who comes first from chicken & egg? the answer was an egg. In the same case Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji the kanji Came 1st in the Japanese language. Hiragana and Katakana Characters were created on the base of Kanji and it was purely based on Chinese Character. If you learn Japanese Language then it was easy to Learn Chinese for you because there was a huge similarity between them.

4. Only 1 Foreigner Passed The Level 1 Kentei – An American

Only 1 Forginer Pass the higher level of Kanji Language Aptitude exam in Japan that will show the difficulty of Japanese language learner. Don’t lose your hope do hard work and at the end of the Day you will learn & Speak Japanese language. You can also join Japanese language Institute to Learn Japanese languages here is the List of Top Japanese Language Institute in Delhi 1. Nihonkai 2. kizoku 3. Mossai & More.

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5. Is Japanese Hard to Learn

There is 2 Answer for that It was Hard to Learn and also Millions of People are learning Japanese language and its become they truly believe they can learn it. Nothing is impossible but we can say that Japanese language quite difficult as compare to other languages but it’s not impossible. Japanese verbs | Japanese Language Course

6. Is 1 Year Enough to Learn Japanese Language

No. With the right approach you can be reached at the conventional level you can talk in Japanese at the end of the year you can Reach Converstional level and also it depends on your hard working and Dedication towards learning you can do anything at the end of the year with the right approach. Japanese Language Course Fees

7. There are only 5 vowel sounds in Japanese and they *never* change.

A, I, U, E, O. No, sometimes Y. There’s no vowel Y here.

They’re pronounced:

Ah, Ee, Oo, Eh, Oh.

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8. Japanese has no Genders

You don’t have to Conjugate words. That’s one less headache to think about.

9. You can write Japanese with Latin characters.

Japanese is one of the difficult languages to learn. You can Learn Japanese Language by Enroll in India’s Top Japanese Language institute. We are Going to Show you some top Japanese LAnguage Institue in Delhi by the Fee and Quality of Education. 1# Nihonkai 2# kizoku 3. Mossai & More

10.  Japanese is the fastest spoken language

If you think Spanich speakers are Fast it was wrong Japanese Speaker Consider as the fastest Speaker as Compare to Spanish Speaker. Japanese natives manage to blurt out 7.84 syllables per second. Spanish is at 7.82.

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Top Foreign Language To Learn in India & Career Scope

Learning a foreign language like a hobby that people love to keep up in their CV. By the rising or Globalization, the career prospects for foreign language will increase rapidly in India there is a huge number of Jobs are available in India For Foreign language. Foreign language is considered as a full-fledged career and not a part-time career. Delhi’s Top Japanese Language Institute

There is a huge demand for foreign language learner in India they can work as Teacher or Professors, Translators or Interpreters, Consultants, diplomats and more.

You can also add foreign language in your skill if you want to complete your study in aboard. In India, there is a huge number of Foreign language institute are available you can choose best foreign language institute.

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Now the Biggest Question is Which Foreign Language to Learn In India?

What is their career scope in the future? Salary scale in the different-different foreign languages. There is most popular foreign language in India are Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Spanish and more.

Few foreign languages are similar to each other. Language like French, German, Spanish are similar to English and that was easiest to learn for people who have good command over the English. If we talk about difficult language to learn then it goes to Japanese, Chinese and Korean they are following totally different language root and these are become difficult to learn for Indians but you can found Job after learning this language easily.

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Before choosing the language that you are going to learn, you should know which countries speak this language and make a deep research about the country like their culture, history and their development rate, growing GDP, How advanced they are in technology and more. In India, Japanese language is on top because they have good GDP and also they are an innovative country.

1. Learn Japanese Language

The first Japanese language teacher comes in India was 1970 in Pune. the University of Pune established a Japanese language course in 1977. Now a day you can found many of Japanese language university and institute around your local area. In Delhi, Nihonkai is the Best Japanese language institute you can start learning Japanese language with Nihonkai. Surprising Benefits of Learning Japanese Language


Over the 200 Japanese company are started operation in India in past few years. These companies need a large number of language translator and also Japanese language demands increased because India does Trade with Japanese.

2. Learn Russian Language

Russian is one of the six official languages of the united nation. In 2013 Russian was found second most used language on the internet after the English. Russian is spoken in 26 Countries in the world. the Great scope of Russian language is as translator or work with Tour and travel company.

Learn Russian | Russian Language Institute

Spanish is another most widely spoken language after the Chinese. it is an official language of the 20 Countries in the world. India growing relationship with Spanish Speaking Countries that was the reason increasing the demand for Spanish translator in India. Basic to Advanced Japanese Language Course

3. Learn French Language

French is the official language of over 40 countries and also it is the official language of the much international organization like UN, WTO, ISO and more. French is easy to learn for Indians because 50% of English Worlds have their origin in French.

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Know How To Learn Japanese Language Easily & Career Scope

Learning Japanese language will never only help you to get a new job but you can adopt a new culture. There is much more reason to learn Japanese as the 2nd language because Japan has lots of Good things but its people generally don’t speak English. The Japanese are good novel writers, inventors, game makers and songwriters and only a few of their work is translated into English so you can found few Japanese innovation that is translated into English. If you want to learn more about Japanese language and their culture then you can Start learning Japanese language. Basic to Advanced Japanese Langauge Course

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We miss most of the useful information just because we don’t know their language. If you can learn their language then we can feel like having a second life. A New world will be opened. You will have to access to a lot of information which is off-limits to non Japanese language speakers.

The Japanese language is not much difficult to write and speak. There isn’t a language so easy that a fifty-Year-old man can fully master in Japanese language. Japanese is not an easy to learn but it’s not enough difficult as people can say about the Japanese language.  Surprising Benefits of Learning Japanese Language

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Historically the Japanese language did not have any writing system. It was sound only language. Chinese Character was imported into Japan. The Japanese people learned Kanji and made Chinese sentences in Chinese grammar for a while. Some things are common in Japanese and Chinese if you want to learn Chinese language also after learning Japanese then you can learn it Easily you don’t need to do hard work as the starting of the Japanese language.

In India and across the world Japanese language job easily available you can work as Japanese language translator worldwide because around 4 lakhs Japanese language translator job is required in United state that was truly English County they won’t speak other langue they can only make focus on English and English was the easiest language to learn in the world you can learn speak English Easily. Best Japanese Language Institute in Delhi

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In India their is huge of japanese language institute but you can chose the best japanese language institute for your bright carrer because expert Japanese language institute have Good Facaulity and triner will help you to learn easily and short of time. Nihonkai is the best Japanese language institute in Delhi NCR. You can Enroll at Nihonaki as India’s top Japanese language institute here you can choose Japanese language course from basic to advanced its depends on your basic skills about Japanese language.


3 Best Way to Learning Japanese Language Can Boost Your Career

If you want to learn japanese language for fun or academic reason, there are the number of benefits to learning Japanese language. In this article, we are talking about how we can learn Japanese in professional ways that will improve our Japanese language skills and also Know how you can learn Japanese language and boost your career. Basic to Advanceed Japanese Language Course in West Delhi

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When you 1st start learning Japanese language or another foreign language you may unaware of all the benefits that you can get after learning a new language. While you complete your language course then use your skills in your workplace and it was the best place for practice and improve your Japanese language skills.

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You can use your Japanese language skills in two different ways to earn supplemental income or to build a professional career in the corporate world. Both will help you to improve your skills by time to time and also your income. What is the Career Scope After Learning Japanese Language in India?

1. Translation

There is a bright career in the field of translator job in World Wide. you can earn more than the average income in the field of the translator. Japanese language translator required worldwide in us there is 436,110 Japanese translator required by 2011. You can go to abord and work as a Japanese translator and the average salary for Japanese translator in us is $45,000. That is huge in INR it will approx 30 Lac. You can earn more salary while improving your skills and increase your work experience.

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Work in Japan

Someone start learning the Japanese language because they want to earn supplementary income but few of them are aiming to work in Japan and build their career in Japan. That was the big decision that ever taken by the student. If you have good skills then Japan welcomes you and if you have good communication skills in Japanese language that will become Plus point while working with Japanese. Bilingual professional is highly demanded in Japan.

Get Connected

While you have 2 language skills that will help you to connect with others. Knowing Japanese, even a little, can help you to connect with new people. This could lead you to new Job new business opportunity or even a Great Friendship with strangers. Believe on career expert you have great future success in learning Japanese language and improve your Japanese language skills. Japanese Institute in West Delhi

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Surprising Benefits of Learning Japanese Language

Before knowing the benefits of Learning Japanese Language or any other language you probably in Delima is it best option to grow a career in the Japanese language. Every student has the same question before they are going to learn any foreign language. If we know the benefits of learning and Career scope after the learning then some positive energy will grow inside the body and inspiration love goes up and we can easily learn any difficult language through dedication and hard work. Japanese Language Course in West Delhi

Here are some surprising benefits of learning Japanese Language

1. Take a Peek at Why Japan Is (Not) “So Weird”

Japan is one of the fast-growing countries in the field of technology they invest their money in developing the technology. If you want to adopt future technology and your aim to work with brilliant Japanese and Top Japanese organization then you need to learn the japanese language it will help you to learn the japanese language. Japanese Make an innovation every year and if you plan to work in Japan then you need to learn, Speak and write Japanese Language and it’s possible only when you Join Reputed Japanese Language Institute.

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2. Tackle one of the “Impossible Language”

The Japanese language is one of the most difficult languages to learn and it was 2nd Most difficult language to learn in the world. We are at Nihonkai will make difficult language to learn easily and you have good scope in Japanese language because students left Japanese language course due to hard work and dedication and that’s why there are Good scope and bright career scope in Japanese language. Why it’s Important Clear JLPT Exam?

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3. Translator Job in India

In India, there is lots of Japanese Organization going to Invest and they are Going to Sign big Deal with India then you will have good scope in Japanese Language. PM Narendra Modi give Green flag to Bullet train project it will give you new employees who have good command in Japanese language because it is a big project and lots of Japanese are working on that project.


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If you are thinking which one is the best language option to learn for better career scope then chose Japanese language because it’s hard to learn and you will get a Job easily. If you also plan to Complete your study in Japan then its mandatory to learn Japanese language that will help you to understand their culture and spend easy time with Japanese friends in your college.

Japanese language institutes

If you are in a dilemma which institute is best for Japanese Langauge Course then chose Nihonkai Delhi NCR Top Japanese Language Traning Institute and it was Rewarded as the Best Japanese Institute in Delhi NCR in 2016. Get Enroll Today and Start Learning Japanese Language Course Nihonkai offer Basic to Advanced level Japanese Language Course Just Chose your Level and start Learning Japanese Language. Top Japanese Language Institute in Faridabad

What is the Career Scope After Learning Japanese Language in India?

Students always have the same question in their mind before choosing any language course what is the scope of learning foreign languages in India. What are the Career scope in the Japanese language in India and more language career scope in India? That was the Common Question that was raised in Students mind before they enroll for any language due to rising Unemployment in India. Japanese Language Classes in Delhi

Career Scope in Japanese Language Course

Here what our Expert Say about Japanese language course benefits and their career scope in India while learning Japanese Language. India become the major player in the global market they started to export and import with major countries and few of major companies are coming to India and they required language translator and they offer a job for Related to translation related services in different settings. For instance, you can work in varied sectors like tourism, embassies, and diplomatic services, international organizations, etc. You can also work as a trainer of Japanese language if you are certified for it or have the right qualifications degree with reputed Japanese language institute.

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Japan is leading Technology development country and they are trading with worlds top countries and India become one of the biggest traders of Japan and Japan Going to set many of their technology Development companies in India and they required Japanese language translator and you can easily get the job if you have expertise in the Japanese language. you have the brightest future while you chose Japanese language as your second language. Why it’s Important Clear JLPT Exam?

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You can get work opportunities in content writing in the Japanese language. Apart from that you can also do translation services for books written in Japanese languages in India and that became your part time job and also you can improve your Japanese language skills by doing these. Before going to Enroll for Japanese language course in any Japanese language institute you can

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By Learning Japanese language you can Get the Job in Embassy of India or also in Aboard. Learning other languages apart from English and Hindi will give you an advantage because English and Hindi become common in India so you have to chose other languages like Japanese, Chinese, French and more. Here is India’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai Enroll for Japanese language Course today and make your future bright. Basic to Advanced Japanese language course

6 Way to Say Sorry in Japanese with Face Expression

If you worked with Japanese organization or study in Japanese Language Institute then I am sure some time or moment where you have to sincerely apologize to someone and want to say sorry in Japanese. Sometimes you didn’t want to hurt someone but it will happen to you at this time you need to say sorry in a polite way according to the situation. Sometimes you need to explain your mistake in Japanese and let him know how sorry you are. We are Shearing some way that you can use to say sorry in Japanese or apologize in Japanese. Japanese Language Institute in Delhi

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Here are the top expressions when you say sorry to someone because when you say sorry with Good expression according to the situation that leaves a Great impact to his/her. Here is some explanation each of them so you can choose smartly and use it according to the situation. Read and follow it and be a smart person at the front of someone and become Japanese language expert.

  1. Gomen ne (ごめんね) – I am sorry. or Gomen nasai (ごめんなさい) – I am sorry.

This one is a typical expression when you just want to say, ” I am sorry. and make your facial expression according to the situation when you just want to say I am sorry.

i am sorry | Learn Japanese Language

2. Gomen (ごめん) – Sorry….

Just say sorry for some minor mistake like sorry I am unable to hear you, oh sorry, sorry about that and more. You can say sorry depending on the way you say it. How to Say Encouragement Words to someone in Japanese?

Sorry | Japanese Language Institute

3. Honto ni gomen ne (本当にごめんね。ほんとうに ごめんね。) – I am really sorry.

By adding sound like “Really” in Japanese “honoto ni”. That will make you mean more and deeply apologize to say sorry for the big mistake.

I am Really Sorry in Japanese | Japanese language Institute

4. Suggoku gomen ne. (凄く、ごめんね。 すごく ごめんね。) – I am truly sorry.

By adding sound like “Truly” in Japanese “Suggoku”

This situation occurs when you do mistake in the front of your best friends or close friend.

I am Truly sorry in Japanese | Japanese Language Institute

5. Moushi wakenai. ( ) – I feel terrible.

This expression is mainly used among adults. You would say this to someone you don’t know too well, or someone who is in the higher status than yourself. This applies also to the next expression. learn Japanese language 

fell terrible in Japanese | Japanese Classes in Delhi

6. Moushi wake arimasen deshita. (申し訳ありませんでした。もうしわけ ありませんでした。) – I am really sorry. I feel terrible.

This mistake mainly among with adult and you want to say sorry. You can face this type of situation at the official environment and you want to say sorry to your boss or head of the department at your work place.

Japanese language institutes

This is the best way to say sorry according to situation and environment. Saying Sorry based on the different situation will leave a great impact on the front of someone you can use these words according to the situation and become the rock. We hope that you will never use this words so often. Japanese language classes in Delhi


If you have Good skills in Japanese language and easily read, write and speak the Japanese language then it was good for you and want to learn Japanese then chose “Nihonkai” it was Delhi’s Top Japanese Language Institute. Here the students come from across the India you can meet with different types of people with different states and also meet with well trained Japanese trainer some are based on Japan. Few Trainers are Belongs to Japan who helps you to Learn Advanced Japanese Language. Hurry up Join “Nihonkai” Today and Start Japanese Language Learning Today


In this period of globalization, the world is getting littler conveying us nearer to all different nations exhibit on the guide. In this situation, when we are promptly tolerating the way of life of individuals over the globe, the need to take in their dialect likewise emerges. Individuals who are capable in outside dialects are viewed as imperative in organizations to reinforce the relationship with remote brands and global associations. For smooth correspondence in meetings where remote agents are welcomed, interpreters assume a significant part. This is the reason professional courses like Japanese course in Delhi are rising at a relentless rate. Japanese language Institute in Delhi

World Globalization | Japanese Language Institute

Among different European dialect alternatives accessible on the board, which one you ought to incline toward is the subject of million dollars. According to the Google inquire about, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and FIGS (French, Italian, German, and Spanish) are the best dialects that rule the business correspondence. When contrasted with different dialects, propel course in Japanese dialect could be a troublesome assignment to do. In any case, it is finished by many individuals considering the reality the most recent innovation originates from Japan and in this way the need of Japanese interpreters is nearly high.

Japanese language institute | Japanese Classes

Joining the best foundation of Japanese dialect in Delhi can give you the fantasy work in driving MNC, BPO or KPO. High compensation bundle to specialists in Japanese dialect won’t be a major ordeal to break. Along these lines, in the event that you are looking a genuine alternative for a splendid future, this dialect won’t be the wrong choice to contribute. There are different difficulties associated with taking in a remote dialect unless you pick a dependable foundation to learn it. For Japanese course in Delhi, there are numerous great alternatives accessible particularly in the West and South Delhi.  Things to look for in a Japanese Learning Institute


Discussing the difficulties, you should be understanding and a decent specialist to get a skill in this dialect. Pick organization of Japanese dialect in Delhi which has a staff of experienced experts and great learning condition also. Sound and video classes speed up the way toward realizing which effectively request the support additionally enhances the learning. By seeking after a propelled course in Japanese dialect, you can get your ideas clear about linguistic use participles and grammar alongside the enhanced vocabulary.

learn Japanese language | Japanese Classes

The vast majority of the foundations have three to four phases of getting the hang of including essential, middle of the road, are progressed and propelled levels. Every single one of them would be directed by the experts of Japanese course in Delhi to deal with your inquiries and questions. Further, they will furnish you with the learning material that you can rehearse on everyday schedule for simple and viable preparing. On the off chance that required, search for the organization of Japanese dialect in Delhi which can offer you classes on week days or end of the week. Upgrade your capability to look for better open doors in the voyage ahead. Japanese Language Classes in Delhi


To end up noticeably a piece of worldwide discussion, Japanese dialect has turned into the need. Considering the reality the greater part of the inventive strides is taken by Japan, many individuals need to have the semantic touch of this nation through JLPT instructing classes. Read on to locate the potential reasons why you should be a piece of presumed Japanese dialect organization.

1. Be Innovative-Japan is the centre of architects and inventive designers. Simply think how much exhausting would be our existence without Sony play station, hi kitty, hand to hand fighting, sushi, Sudoku and Nintendo and there’s numerous more on the rundown. Be a piece of the middle of the road Japanese dialect course to end up development encompassed by Japanese who are growing their viewpoints in all areas going from electronic devices to design clothing. Enroll Japanese Language Institute in Delhi

innovative japan | Japanese Language Institute

2. More Earning-If you exceed expectations in cutting edge JLPT instructing classes, prepare to win dollars in US-the best nation where Japanese educating is generously compensated. With the assistance of a solid Japanese dialect foundation, get capability in national gatherings, internet educating, territorial workshops and different areas that entirely require stars of Japanese dialect.

more earning | Japanese Language Course

3. Competitive Spirit-No issue you are associated with the field of designing, governmental issues, import/trade business, look into, financial matters, excitement or assembling, you would be contending with Japan if your organization is not an element of this nation. With a specific end goal to give your rivals an intense test, you require JLPT training classes for a solid hold in this dialect. Basic Japnese Language Course

4. Growing Language-After English and Chinese speakers, Japanese is the most noticeable dialect on the web. Along these lines, in the event that you are a well-informed proficient, you have to know in any event nuts and bolts of this dialect through Intermediate Japanese dialect course from perceived Foundation.

Top Growing Languages | Japanese Language Institute

5. Stand Apart-Coming out without a hitch from Japanese dialect organization implies you have a brownie point on you educational programs vitae. It demonstrates your assurance, persistence and capacity to move you with unconcerned conditions. By and large, individuals go for French or Spanish in light of their commonality. In any case, your choice to learn Japanese put weight on your multicultural side.

Japanese organization | Japanese Classes in Delhi

On the off chance that you are contemplating or doing some work, you can scan for Japanese dialect establishments which offer end of the week classes. As they run many bunches, you can even an appropriate planning for you to learn helpfully. Online courses are additionally accessible in the event that you need to gain from home, however, a confirmed certificate and real establishment are elusive on the web.  Learn Advanced Japanese Language Course

Japanese language classes | Japanese Language Institute

If you want to Bright your carrier then Join Japenese Language Institute and make your career bright open your scope to work with worlds leading organization. Now a day in India many projects are under Japanese organization. Learn Japnese and open your scope to work with the Japanese company and grow your future.