Know What Makes The Japanese Language Unique from Other Languages?

Here we are going to compare Japanese language with English and other language that is widely speak in India. So you can easily understand the difference of the language.

1. The Way the Person speak that will reflected his/her Character, “Grammatically Different” is somewhat of an exaggeration, But how someone is speak is actually different by person to person while both are saying the same thing. Like How typical male is speaking is different then how typical women speak. These different is not limited to the gender but it should be to very to the hierarchical relations like His/her Status, How old, How young, Rich and Poor, Boos & Employee, Arrogant and Non Arrogant, Child and adult all have the different tone in their language and that will reflect their status who they are by their talking style. Each dialects are also significantly different from each other.

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2. Japanese is how fluid of a language it really is. There is great flexibility how words are made, Pronounced and more. Japanese are contentiously found new way to saying or express things because Japanese tends to focus on how word sound rather then the actual word itself. Japanese language is highly fluid and non standard. Young people who is continuously making up newer way to saying or express somthing in Japanese language. Know How Much Japanese Language Skills Required to Work in Japan?

The new Japanese young generation always do some innovative this with their language and they always made some changes in terms of speaking the language. Japanese students make each word sound “Cutter” that what the world suggested. Each generation will modify the way of speaking of the word and make them more simple and fluent that will improve speed of the speaking of the word. Its often difficult for the old generation to understand the language and words what they actually saying.

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Here is we are going to share you some example of the word how young Japanese students pronounced the word the word “shindoi” means “I’m tired, exhausted”, but they have modified it to shindomi and another word “tsurai” means “tiring, painful”, and they have modified it to “tsura-tan”
An example of this is the trend that young females tend to modify the ending of the words that end in “i” to “mi”, in an attempt to sound “cuter” and less harsh. For example, the word “shindoi” means “I’m tired, exhausted”, but they have modified it to shindomi. Another example, “tsurai” means “tiring, painful”, and they have modified it to “tsura-tan”, for not much other reason than that it sounds “cute” and they apply the rule i>mi. Japanese are the big fan of shortening and abbreviating words. These things make Japanese language different from the other language.

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Know How Much Japanese Language Skills Required to Work in Japan?

At the earlier in Japan you can get easily Jobs but now a days the competition raised so you need good communication Japanese language skills along with your knowledge skills.

If you want to travel for the Japan then you should found that the earlier employee that are working as per your skills on a post that you applied for have less Japanese language knowledge and also has less working skills but they are working with the company for the long time but now the competition for the new job will be on sky. Employment Rate of Japan’s College for Graduate Students recorded 97.6%

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We are talking with Japanese Recruiter agency for the language requirement along with working skills for the new Job in Japan.

I Got the detail from the Recruiter that they told us that they are looking for those candidate who passed out N2 Level of the Japanese language Proficiency Test they beings commonly used benchmark.

Most of the Japanese companies will don’t have the tolerance power for lower level of Japanese known workers or executive because most of the population of Japan are talking in Japanese and they used Japanese as the mother tongue. They are preferred to talk in Japanese only they don’t have good English language skills so they looked for the N2 Level of knowledge skills for the foreigner who want to work with Japanese organization. While you passed out N2 Level of the Japanese language course then Their is lost of the door for the Job in Japan now open for you.

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This competition level raised day by day because talent skills reached at upper level. Now a days Japan has the labor shortage they required more foreigner workers who worked in Japan in that case they will select you if you have N3 Level expertise or Clear N3 Level of the Japanese language with your skill and after Joining the Organization Japan government Provide you free Japanese language course to clear Higher Japanese Language Level and work in Japan more Comfortably.

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The Way Language you speak will tell how Informative you are

Not the language that you speak have different in tone, Syntax and speed but it also change the way you convey information. Whenever you talk with someone in that situation more then 50% Case you convey information for particular things and more.

Linguistic Researchers studies 17 language from around the world to track difference in “information Rate” how quickly a spoken language get its point across and ranked them accordingly. We test all the language to convey the informational and we found Japanese language will be the winner in this run-up. All language have different convey information rate for the all languages. The convey of information for any language will not depends of the fluently of the language as you spoke in front of your colleague and your friends but its depends on language to language covey information rate. Free Japanese Language Demo Classes at Nihonkai Delhi

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The 17 Language studies Contain that they have variety of speaking style: some have contrasting tones and some don’t have. Japanese and Spanish have 25 phonemes (distinct units of sound) as compared to English one of the most popular language in the world have 40 Phonemes and also Thai has the same Phonemes. Japanese has few hundred Japanese symbol and English has more then 7000 Symbol’s .

Japanese symbol | Japanese Language Classes in Delhi

There is significant difference in the information density of each language, meaning the amount of information contained in all the symbol. If you speak any language too fluently then it has less information per symbol but if you speak slowly slowly then all the symbol is packed with information. Should Foreigner Employees/Students need to Learn Japanese if they want to Live in Japan?

Researcher also found that the language spoken too fast has less information density in the same case with the same language if you spoke a language slowly slowly then its packed with the information density. A high fluently spoken language has less information density and its less predictable.

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There are still differences in information rates—French and English have a higher rate, while Hungarian, Thai, and Basque are on the lower end—but the range isn’t so great given the many differences between these languages.

Here in this article we share how you can spoke the language if you speak too fluently then it should share less information about the topic that you should discuss with your friends and college but if you speak slowly slowly then it should be packed with information that you want to share through the conversation. Then don’t spoke too fluently all the times as you know the language properly. Employment Rate of Japan’s College for Graduate Students recorded 97.6%

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Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Invites Japanese for Fresh Investment in State

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot assured Japanese organization and business delegation of his governments full cooperation and support in setting up the industry in the state. Ashok Gehlot gives the full assurance while meeting Japanese Ambassador Kanji Hiramatsu in business growth in Rajasthan state. Earlier Japanese organization working in Rajasthan state but Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot told Japanese business developer JETRO in a meeting to extend your business in Rajasthan and we will fully support your organization.

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During the meeting Japanese delegation appreciated the help and facilities to them in the currently functioning at Neemrana Japanese Zone where JETRO setup the Japanese organization plants to work in Rajasthan. While experience the good support and help by the Rajasthan government to Japanese businessman and japanese organization in their state they will extend their business and add some more plants in rajasthan after this conversation between Rajasthan Cheif minister Ashok Gehlot and Japanese ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu. Should Foreigner Employees/Students need to Learn Japanese if they want to Live in Japan?

JETRO | Japanese Language Institute Delhi

Over the official statement said that around 27,000 people are getting the job while currently working in Japanese organization in the state. The chief minister urged Japanese company already operating in the state of rajashthan. Gehlot explore the full possibility of the new fresh investment in the state with the cooperation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The japanese ambassador also said that they will cooperate in the training of teachers if the course is introduced in the state university for the Japanese language studies. Rajasthan Government Gehlot saying that Rajasthan is a most promoting state in the filed of solar energy sector. Japanese entrepreneurs may invest in solar power and they will get most possible support from the citizen and Government.

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Should Foreigner Employees/Students need to Learn Japanese if they want to Live in Japan?

A non Partisan Government organization, The national league for promotion of Japanese language education has proposed a bill to the Japanese government that will be known as “Japanese Language Promotion Bill” That will help the local government organization to measure the Japanese language skill in foreigner workers those who are working in Japan and residing in Japan as well. On December 3rd the bill is submitted to the general assembly for the consideration by all the opposition and current government parties. Hence if all the vote goes into the favor of the bill and Current government wants to implement this bill then they need to submit this bill to Regular National Diet in 2019. Learn Japanese by Japanese Language Institute Delhi

Japanese Immigration | Learn Japanese Language

This bill is proposed because the day by day Forginer workers are increased. In recent year, a diet had an amendment to the immigration control law. This amendment is allowing foreigners to work in Japan because Japan government make the immigration process more easy as compared to the oldest one because Japanese government facing the labor shortage in some filed like agriculture, construction and more so they can make amendment in the immigration law to welcome more foreigner workers and they also set some easy language test requirement for the blue-collar workers. The new visa system is launched by the Japanese government that allows the foreigner workers to stay in Japan for the 5 Years for the blue-collar workers but they need to clear Japanese language test to get the work visa because Japanese government made some amendment in the work visa that will make this easy for the applicants who wants to work in Japan.

Japan Immigration System | Learn Japanese Language

In 2016 Japanese government show some statics about the foreigner worker who currently worked in Japan and stay in Japan that are 2,382,822 and every year around 6-7% foreigner worker increased and that was the highest number of worker observed by the ministry of Japan. Hence if you want to work in Japan then you need some basic Japanese language skills to get the proper Japan work Visa to allow you to get work with Japanese organization in Japan along with your professional skills.  India-Japan Ties to Become Strongest County in New India Saying PMO

The objective of the Proposal Law

The aim for the proposal of the Law is to improve the living standard of the foreigner workers and promote the Japanese language education for the foreigner employees that will help them to get the best possible opportunity in their field and they earn more as per their skills and organization can fit them in upper class of the employment chain. If the organization gives promotion to those foreigners workers then they need to interact with the team and at that time they need good Japanese language communication skills that were the reason why Japan ministry want to pass the bill to improve the future of the foreigner employees

Foreigner Workers | Japanese Language Course

Who will cover in the Law

This law cover all the foreigner who lives in Japanese those are:- children, students, foreign exchange students, workers, technical interns, and refugees. If you want to improve your carrier in Japan then just Learn Basic Japanese language course and Get the Work visa by the Japan Government and after that Japan, Government will help you to enhance your carrier by providing better Japanese language education to all the foreigner’s worker at free of cost. Join Nihonkai and start Learning the Japanese language with India’s Top Japanese Language Institute located in Delhi Tagore Garden. Before Joining the Classes you can get the Free Demo Classes at Free of Cost without paying any registration charges. Enroll today for Basic to Advanced Level Japanese Language Course offered by Nihonkai

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The polite version of Japanese to Help Foreigner stay safe during Disasters

Japan government think about the foreigner workers and they want to save them from any natural disaster because japan government sent SMS on all the resident of japan about any disaster in advance but a foreigner who is working in japan couldn’t understand the language and that was the biggest reason why foreigner will not safe during the disaster. Government of Japan is always noticed to their citizen in advance for any disaster but few foreigners unable to understand government disaster notices that were being sent to their mobile phone that was the reason why the government of Japan worried about the safety of the foreigner workers in Japan.

Tan Shun Wai | Japanese Language Course Delhi

As torrential rains battered parts of the western japan in the last year and it was not only for the last year but it this disaster you can face every year in some place of Japan so Japan government always announce and spared notice in Japanese language to the people of Japan but some problems faced by the foreigner who lives in japan unable to understand the notice of Japan government about any disaster that’s why Japan government take step to start Japanese language training to foreigners.

with the use of chines character Kanji and honorifics style of writing official letter and announcement are often unintelligible for an elementary learner of Japan. A 45 Year man who has been a charge for multicultural affairs at City Hall since 2009, because interested in how to assist foreigners.

Foreigner workers japan | Japanese Language Institute

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Japan Minister Ask International & Domestic Media to Switch Japanese Name Order

Foreign minister Taro Kono said on Tuesday he planned to ask overseas media to change the order of the name in their speech. Taro Kono said that the Japanese name with the family name first, as is customary in Japanese language.

Taro Kono gives an example of how to write the name in the Japanese language like our Prime minister “Shinzo Abe’s” name should be written as “Abe’s Shinzo” Just like other Asian Leaders like Chines President name is Xi Jinping and South Korean President Moon Jae In.

Kono Japanese | Japanese Language Institute

Now currently Japanese name is written with the given name coming first to follow the foreign language a pattern such as English. A practice that being in early 19th to early 20th aim to grow the western culture. Japan launched New VISA system to bring in more foreign workers
Kono told in a press conference that was the right time to make these changes will because new Reiwa era has been beginning and the several new events held there and that was the best time and also in 2020 Tokyo Olympics are approaching.

Kono said that I planned to ask International media to follow the suggested pattern that we discussed earlier. Domestic media those have English services like provide news in the English language also need to consider this. Koko said that it was great to have like write Japanese name with the family name first in all the sentence and all the speech.

International Media | Japanese Language Course Delhi

Kono will speak in Japanese language but he completed his education from one of the best University of United state and he is fluent in English has raised the issue in the past. Education minister Masahiko said his government said other government bodies to use family name first in each sentence and also said we appreciate this dramatic change.

Kono said before launching this name written pattern we consider many factors and then we suggest the government’s chief spokesman, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, told a press conference.

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India-Japan Ties to Become Strongest County in New India Saying PMO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that we tie with the Japan Government will provide the big support to our new Project ” New India” and also PM Narendra Modi thanks to all the 61 Crore Voter to give him again an opportunity to serve better as the Prime Minister of India.

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This speech is given by the PM Narendra Modi as he visited Japan for the G20 Metting held in Japan and Narendra Modi said that Japan is the important place in the world to make a good relationship in all the Filed like goodwill and respect for each other’s culture and civilization, these are the most common factor that will improve our relationship. The Speech is Given by the PMO of India said while addressing an enthusiastic Indian Community at Kobe. That was the Proud moment for all the Indian who Present at Kobe during the Speech. India-Japan maiden 2+2 talks ahead of Modi-Abe meeting to Enhance Growth

Narendra Modi Said that almost 2 Decade ago, Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori together try to make a good relationship as a Global Partnership. Narendra Modi Said that we are trying to established good Relationship with Japan from 2014 as I got a chance to strengthen our Friendship.

India and Japan | Japanese Language course

PM Narendra Modi also noted that the contribution of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Justice Radhabinod Pal and many other Indians in Strengthening India’s relationship with Japan. India and Japan

In the Seminar, Pm Narendra Modi Said that The Indian voter Trusted on me once again and my responsibility to keep their trust and do something Good for our country and make our Country more powerful in all the way like Trading, Export & Import and There is lots of Tasks we need to Perform

Japanese Language Classes | Learn Japanese Language

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Assam Planning to Tech Japanese Language to Their Students

Dispur city in Assam now going to teach the Japanese language to their students because JETRO the Japan External Trade organization will invest Around 3500 Crore INR in the upcoming year in Dispur Assam for manufacturing of Car Spare Parts, Dispur gearing itself up with around 2000 Bigha of lands,

Addressing a press conference on Monday, State Industries, Commerce and skill Development Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary said that the State Government of Assam is going to hold a talk with JETRO in New Delhi on June 19. Japanese Trade Organization JETRO Plan to Recruit India IT Professionals

JETRO | Japanese Language Course Delhi

It was the Big opportunity for the Assam Government to Gives the proposal to JETRO and Welcome them into Assam to Start Car spare parts manufacturing plant. Currently, JETRO assembles car spare parts from Korea and they engage manufacturing of cars in Bangladesh now JETRO decide to open the new plant for Car spare parts in Assam India. Assam government had a meeting with JETRO in Delhi and they offer 2000 Bigha of Lands to JETRO for operating Car spare parts plant with the costing of around 3500 Crore. JETRO has around 150 Big organization under it.

Assam | Japanese Language Classes in Delhi

If the JETRO city becomes a reality then the next step would be the manpower for the companies and they required manpower as per JETRO setup and their requirement. If this has become true then around 1 Lac Workers will be offered a job in Assam in JETRO city and Basic Japanese language skill would be mandatory because Japanese engineer will come there and trained the staff.

JETRO is Government related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. The JETRO was established in 1958. JETRO plays a big role in promoting & Established a Japanese organization worldwide. Indian and Assam Government try to Full fill the deal.

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India-Japan maiden 2+2 talks ahead of Modi-Abe meeting to Enhance Growth

India and Japan had 2+2 maiden talk ahead of Modi-abe meeting. This was decided on 04-06-19 Tuesday between the discussion of Newly appointed foreign minister S Jaishankar

Kono Japanese foreign minister extended his congratulation on the appointment of Mr. Jaishankar who is very close ties with Japan relationship this information we received According to the statement of Japan Foreign Ministry that the congratulation appointment will be extended between these two ministers.

Japanese foreign minister | Learn Japanese

Japan minister want to visit India at the end of this year and they want to improve relationship India and Japan and also work culture because Kono expressed his view that towards the realization of a free and open Indo-Pacific, the role and responsibility of India as the global power is extremely huge.

Kono also invites Jaishankar in November and Kono also say that its Abe’s turn to visit India this year and he hopes to keep in touch with Jaishankar and cooperate more closely than ever. Kono also invited Jaishkran this November for the G20 foreign Minister Metting. Kono invited Jaishankar earlier than this meeting so they both can discuss the meeting and issues that they faced. Kono went to state and he wants to fix the meeting for the 2-2 ministerial meeting as soon as possible.

India and Japan | Japanese Language course

India and Japan also want to improve their relationship and foreign minister also help the Japanese government to full fill their labor shortage issue. Get learn Japanese and place your self in Japanese organization because after the Modi and abe meeting then both the government will take some bright decision that will help you to work in Japan or Japanese organization in India. Get learn Japanese and place your self in Japan it will become easy to get Japanese work visa now these days. Get learn Japanese

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