Now, Get your Dream Job with these Level of JLPT

You may be aware of the wide career scope after learning the Japanese language. Well, do you know that Japan has been experiencing a chronic labor shortage due to its ageing population? The government has taken many measures to improve this problem. In November 2018, the Government of Japan passed a new regulation, easing strict immigration laws and foreign labor policies so that foreign workers wishing to work in Japan could obtain the necessary documents without much hassle.

Japan is known as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and the country with the third-largest economy. Japan’s Fortune Global 500 (as of 2020) has 53 Japanese companies. These companies have expanded globally and are always looking for the talent to work in their various branches. Along with all the positives about the Japanese economy, one fact accepted about Japan is that it has too much dependency on its native language. There, people have a very limited understanding of universal languages like English. Business people interviewing young businessman in office Japanese Language Course Online Delhi

To solve the issue of its growing population and to meet the demands of its growing economy, Japan needs young manpower, skilled in the native Japanese language. So, now just imagine how much you can gain in your career after learning the Japanese language. Also, the biggest advantage of jobs in Japan is that Japanese companies provide good salaries and benefits to their employees.

Therefore, if you have decided to learn the Japanese language to pursue your career, then, believe me, you have taken the right decision. JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) can help you a lot in getting the best job in Japan. In this blog, we will discuss the JLPT, let’s begin:


The full form of JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and it was started in 1984. It is the primary test for measuring and certifying Japanese-language proficiency to the people whose native language is not Japanese. About 600,000 people participate in this test every year.

Now, we are going to discuss all 5 levels of JLPT and at the same time, we will also discuss that which job you can get after passing the particular level. Clear JLPT Exam Basic to Advanced

N5: Basic Level

After passing the N5 level, people can understand everyday conversations and read some simple phrases written in hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji. They can also understand the meaning of other conversations when spoken slowly.

Jobs Available:

You can earn well by doing blue-collar jobs in industries like Automobile, Food Processing, Large Scale Farming, Manufacturing, Construction, etc.

N4: Elementary Level

Those who have an N4 certificate can read basic vocabulary and simple sentences written in Kanji. They can easily listen and understand everyday conversations. As long as the speaker is speaking slowly to them, they can understand their contents.

Jobs Available:

People in this category can find good employment in all the industries mentioned in N5. But, if you apply for them after passing the N4 level, then you will be able to give your best in these jobs and there are the chances of getting more salary. Interesting facts and benefits of Learning Japanese language

N3: Intermediate Level

N3 certificate holders have better reading levels than N4 and N5 certificate holders. They can read newspaper headlines, moderately difficult writings, and specific content about the everyday topic. They can speak Japanese at an average speed, generally follow content topics. They can understand the relationship between the involved people.

Jobs Available:

After passing the N3 level, anyone can apply for the jobs like B2B Sales, ASP, Net Developer, Java Developer, IT Help Desk, IT Programmer, SE, Test Engineer, Manager, Character Modeler, Designer_3D_Effects, Mechanical Design & Development, and Linux Developer.

N2: Pre-Advanced Level

N2 certificate holders can read and understand the materials of articles, newspapers, magazines, commentaries as well as critiques. They can speak the Japanese language at a natural speed.

Jobs Available:

N2 certificate holders can easily get the jobs of an IT Engineer, Sales- International Business, Customer Success Manager, Information Security Officer, Network Engineer, IT Solution Architect, Game Designer/Developer, Sales Manager, Design Project Lead, Translator/Interpreter, and Customer Quality Engineering, Manager.

N1: Advanced Level

After passing the N1 level, anyone can easily read and understand complex writings on various topics like critique and editorial columns of a newspaper. They can also understand conversations, news reports, and lectures.

A nurse is talking to a couple and going through details of their stay at a Japanese Hospital.

Jobs Available:

The best career options for N1 certificate holders are Translator/Interpreter, Doctor, Embedded Developer, Technology Consultant, Mechanical Assembly, and Officer Incharge (Interpretation & Translation).

Know the Best Way to learn Kanji Online For Beginners

As you may have heard, there is no shortcut to success. This is same in the case of Kanji as well, because there is no easy way to learn Kanji. But we can tell you some important tips, by which you will learn Kanji a little quicker and better. But before telling these tips, we would like to tell you what Kanji is and why it is important to learn it.

Kanji: It is one of the three elements used in the Japanese writing system. They are a group of written characters that have been adopted from the Chinese writing system. It is used to write Japanese with native Japanese Hiragana and Katakana. Japanese Language Classes in Delhi

Now, we are going to discuss some other reasons to learn Kanji:

As you know, by learning Kanji, you will be able to speak in Japanese language. But do you know that in addition to this, there are many other benefits of learning Kanji? Let us tell you:

1. Learning to speak any language involves learning to read it as well:

You need to be literate in the language you want to speak or read. This is considered very minor in the case of languages like Spanish or German which use the same alphabet as English. But those who do not like languages like Arabic and Korean need to spend time learning to read these languages.

2. You can better understand new vocabulary by learning Kanji:

After learning Kanji, you will start to understand the meaning of new words. Kanji is just like the affixes we have in English. For instance, if you see a word starting with “re-“, you know that it means “again”. Words beginning with “un-” mean “not” and ending with “-able” means “can”. Kanji characters are similar to these affixes. Each has its own meaning and if you are aware of these meanings, then you will be able to understand new words more easily.

3. Learning kanji is more than just a language skill; in case you want to live in Japan:

It is a survival skill. You will need to find your way. You’ll be surprised at how few signs are in English, especially once you exit major cities.

Essential Tips to Learn Kanji for Beginners:

To learn Kanji, you need to study only for 15 minutes daily, if not longer. This consistency will help you a lot in learning kanji. Stay with it and pay attention when you start seeing results because your success will inspire you to reach further successes.

Forget the Order: Japanese students learn it in an established order. There is a set of characters for each grade to learn in advance through the end of high school. It is ok to have a reason that why the education system of Japan teaches kanji in this order, but it is useless for you. Because all books or classes use different orders. So instead of being stuck in the order, make a start according to you and stick to your routine. Online Japanese Language Course

Learn Radicals: Complex characters are made up of small parts called radicals. If you are familiar with these radicals, it is easier to tell the same characters separately. You can sometimes guess at the pronunciation as well. Often, characters with a certain radical are pronounced equally.

Read Something Interesting: When you are doing some fun and interesting studies, you also get inspiration to get into the difficult things. That’s why we advise you to choose real-life study material that interests you, like magazines, comics, or books that you enjoy, even if you are not studying Japanese.

Associate Images: When you create image associations it is easy for some people to remember the characters. The most famous book about it is the Kanji by James Heisig and Kanji Pict-O-Graphix by Michael Rowley. Some people do not consider it helpful but it has been beneficial for many people. If you want, you can try it once.

Practice Online: There are many websites where you can find them easily. Through daily conversation, you will learn the characters that are commonly used in everyday life. By doing this, if you make some mistake in speaking or writing in Japanese, because you can’t find the Content in the proper way. We Recommended you to Join Nihonkai Online Classes here you can Find the Online Classes Slot as per your Requirement and Save your valuable time while learning Japanese Language Online

Interesting facts and benefits of Learning Japanese language

Do you know that Japanese is on number nine among the most spoken languages in the whole world but it is not included in six official UN languages? Learn Japanese Language at Nihonkai

Japanese origin has 2.5 million people and many of them speak Japanese as their first language. Some of these people live in Brazil and the rest of the Americas, and particularly in the United States.

You will also find many Japanese speaking people in big cities such as London, New York, and Paris.

But have you ever thought that everything has some special features, it may also have some, right? Let us tell you some of its unique features:

 Many people leave it in the middle of the learning because it is considered to be the hardest language in terms of learning. But it has some special things too that make it different and easier as there is no difference in terms of gender or singular and plural in English Japanese. The greatest difficulty in learning Japanese is learning and remembering its characters, and this is the reason why people consider it as little bit tough language.

This is definitely a bit difficult, but it also has many benefits which we are going to tell you now. Let’s see:

  • Basis for learning a new culture: While learning, you can learn about its customs and cultures thoroughly. You will also be able to know more about its interesting history and about its people as well.
  • Regular practice makes it easy to learn: As you know, nothing is impossible. To be honest, English is considered to be the most difficult language, but still, it is known to most people. So, if you have started learning the Japanese language, then practice it daily and then see how you will learn it easily.
  • Increases your job options: If you want to work in Japan, then it would be very great for you to learn Japanese because there is a lot of demand for the Japanese language in Japan. Huge Vac
Japanese company India | Japanese Language Course

If you want to learn the Japanese language quickly and thoroughly, then you must first understand its basics. Here we are going to tell you about some such important things:

  • You must first learn its alphabet. It has 3 writing systems so that you will be able to read the Japanese language: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.
  • Start learning Japanese Grammar and try to learn some key phrases.
  • Try to do chatting with online native speakers or other learners so that you can improve your hesitation and can enhance your efficiency in the Japanese language. India’s Top Japanese Language Institute
  • Learn to read Japanese with Manga (A crucial part of Japanese culture with a long history).
  • Last but not the least, do not afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them and improve your Japanese.

Step to Learn Japanese Language Online

Although, the Japanese language is considered to be one of the most difficult languages all over the world. But as you know, if you put all the efforts with complete honesty then nothing will be impossible in the world. If you also want to learn Japanese but are confused that from where you should start?

In this blog, we are going to mention some important means that will help you to learn Japanese a lot and this will make your Japanese learning journey funny and interesting. So, follow the steps mentioned below and learn Japanese in a new way:

  • Learn the Japanese alphabet: The best way to learn Japanese is to start with basics such as learning the alphabet. There are 3 basic writing systems in Japanese: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. After learning these, you will be able to read the Japanese language easily. Online Japanese Language Classes at Nihonkai
  • Hiragana: The Hiragana consists of 46 characters or 51 phonetic characters. These are used for native Japanese words and initially, beginners have to face a lot of trouble reading them. This helps you to understand how and why Japanese words sound the way they do. It is also a little easier to learn.
  • Katakana: Katakana is used for non-Japanese or Loanwords. It includes technical and scientific terms such as the names of plants and animals. This is a little bit more difficult than Hiragana because it won’t be so frequently used. This is more difficult for those people who have just started learning Japanese, and for them, just to read Katakana is enough.
  • Kanji: The most difficult and challenging part of learning Japanese language is learning Kanji. By learning Kanji, you will be able to understand, speak, and write simple Japanese. Kanji has thousands of Chinese symbols that will enable you to represent your words, ideas, and phrases.
  • Regular practice of grammar: To learn Japanese grammar, you have to forget English grammar as it is completely different from it. The Japanese Grammar textbooks will help you a lot in this as they are easily available in the market so that you can understand Japanese grammar. And the most important thing is that Japanese is written in a completely different style: the right to left and top to bottom. In this, you will get lots of practical lessons which will make you understand Japanese writing easier.
  • Learn some key phrases: To learn Japanese quickly, you should start by learning common words (like hello, how are you, etc.) and expressions in Japanese. If you want to visit Japan or want to shift there, then this can be a good start for you to learn and speak Japanese. Japanese Language Institute in Delhi
  • Set up a schedule: Mostly people who learn Japanese have a common question in their minds that how much time does it take to learn Japanese? So, the answer is that the more you focused on learning it, the sooner you will be perfect in it. All you need to practice it daily, and for this, you can also take the help of different apps and strategies.
  • Watch anime: If you feel bored while learning Japanese, then you can learn it by watching Anime. Anime is a different style of Japanese animation and is being made by Japan for many decades. There are many advantages to seeing this. You will not be bored by watching this, it will get you to learn new words, and it will also increase your listening power. Apart from anime, watching Japanese films and shows on Crunchyroll, Asian Crush, Netflix can also a good option for you.

It’s time to show your talent in Japan across 14 fields without any formality

As you know, how difficult it can be for you to find a job in Japan in comparison to your city. In such a situation, if you would come to know that the government has reduced some of your difficulty then what will be your reaction? It is a legitimate thing that you will be very happy. So, let’s discuss it in detail, have a look: Learn Japanese Language at Nihonkai

An agreement has been signed between Japan and India on 18 January 2021 (Monday), which will greatly help the Skilled Indian Professionals who have qualified the skill and Japanese language test to live and work in Japan. An MoC (Memorandum of Cooperation) has been signed by foreign secretary Harsh Shringla and Japanese ambassador to India Suzuki Satoshi.

This agreement was very important because you would be aware already that Japan has always been very reluctant to accept foreign workers. But as the time goes on, a new generation is approving this change. This will not only benefit Indian workers but will also help in strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

This will also help the people to enhance their contacts with each other and at the same time, it will also increase the mobility of workers and skilled professionals.

Fields having a great scope in Japan for “Skilled Indian Workers” are nursing care; building cleaning; material processing; industrial machinery manufacturing; electric and electronic information; construction; shipbuilding and ship-related industry; maintenance of automobile; industry of aviation and food services; lodging; agriculture; fisheries; food and beverages manufacturing. These fields have a lot of scope in Japan right now and will also remain in the future as well. And the best thing is that the Government of Japan has given an official statement that all these Indian workers would be given a new status of residence of ‘Specified Skilled Workers’ by the government of Japan. Can we get Japanese Language fluency in 3 months?

Why Learn the Japanese Language in 2021?

There is a solid reason before doing or learn anything new because, in today’s busy life, no one has time to do or learn anything unnecessarily. They need some benefit from everything and this is obvious to happen because time is money. Now, here we are going to discuss the Japanese language. Best Japanese Language Course at Nihonkai

Nihonkai Japanese Language Institute | Learn Japanese

Do you want to learn Japanese but are confused about whether you should learn it or not? Don’t worry; we are going to help you to overcome your dilemma. There are many advantages to learning Japanese even while living in India. And it is also very stimulating to learn it with occasional challenges. But now the question arises that after all why the Japanese should be chosen from the demand-seeking languages? Let us tell you about some reasons and benefits of learning it:

Prepares you for a better future:

The work opportunities are increasing with the rising of the Asian economy. Japanese is not taught or studied much like French, German, and Spanish. Learning Japanese can greatly increase your professional value. If you know the Japanese language, then you will not have to face much competition in other fields like business, social sciences, humanities, technology, science, journalism, and tourism. By learning Japanese, your chances of promotion will also increase. If you are working in a foreign company and if you know a foreign language like Japanese then it will prove very beneficial for you and your profile.

Japanese company India | Japanese Language Course

Makes you understand Japanese culture:

Japanese culture is very special and different in itself. Their social conduct is seen in the people and their habits. It is visible in their writing, speaking, and hearing. The modern generation there may be different in speaking, wearing, or habits, but they still follow the traditions taught by their elders. Learning the Japanese language gives you a chance to get to know Japanese history, martial arts, culture, and fashion. Best Japanese Language Institute in Delhi

You will become more approachable:

Getting a job or doing business in Japan should not be your objective to learn the Japanese language. That too when you live in Japan because the people there do not know much English. Also, most of the people in Japan do not like to talk in English even after knowing it. In such a situation, if you even speak a simple good morning or hello in the Japanese language, then you will be noticed immediately. This is a great way to be friendlier with the people of Japan. This will make the Japanese people feel connected with you and welcome you better. And even why not; you have learned something different for them.

Japanese Language | Clear JLPT Exam India

Be a quick thinker and fast learner:

As a student, learning the Japanese language will improve your thinking skills along with your learning skills which will help you a lot in your other learning and hence makes you a great learner.

It’s time to learn other Asian cultures and languages:

With this, you will be able to learn other languages used in Asia as well. Japanese Grammer and Korean Grammer are slightly similar. They both have advanced honorific systems to honor the people of higher stature, older family members, and strangers. Japanese writing and Chinese writing have many similarities, so if you learn Japanese then it becomes very easy for you to learn Chinese and Korean languages as well.

JLPT December 2020 Exam Dates sheet & Syllabus

Do you Speak the Japanese language then find out your Exact level when you Take the JLPT test. Japanese language Proficiency test will conduct twice in India’s First week of July and the first week of December India. Clear JLPT Exam 2020

JLPT Test | JLPT Exam Preparation in India

This Year July 2020 JLPT Test Get Canceled due to Noval Coronavirus speared. Now JLPT Test will conduct on 6th December 2020 this year for the level of Japanese language N5 to N1. The Japanese language test will cover Japanese language knowledge, Reading comprehension, and listening skills.

Importance & Benefits of JLTP Exam

1.) Japanese language proficiency test in India will judge your Japanese knowledge skills and evidence of achievement comparable with other Japanese learners around the world.

2.) JLPT N1 level is compulsory for Medical Practitioners who want to take Japan’s national exams for medical practitioners. JLPT Exam Preparation Strategy for the Last Week of the Examination

Japan talking | Japanese Language Institute

3.) JLPT is mandatory if you want to study at a Japanese university.

JLPT Exam Syllabus 2020

1.) N5:- It’s specially designed for beginners. In this section, candidates need to learn Hiragana, Katakana, around 100 Kanji (Chines Character) Reading and pronunciation as well as 400-500 Japanese words.

2.) N4:- Listen and Conversation encountered in daily life. Need to learn 300 Kanji and around 1500 Vocabulary.

3.) N3:- One can Read, Listing, and comprehend coherent conversations in everyday situations at natural speed. need to learn 600 to 700 Kanji and around 3000 to 4000 Vocabulary. Japanese Language Online Classes Nihonkai

4.) N2:- This is a Pre Advance level of the JLPT Exam in this section you need to Learn 1000 Kanji and around 6000 Vocabulary

5.) N1:- This is the most advanced level of the JLPT Exam in this level you need to learn around 2000-2500 Kanji and around 10,000 Words to clear the exam.

If you are new to the Japanese language and Want to learn Advanced Japanese language then Welcomes you to Learn Basic to Advanced Japanese language and Clear JLPT exam.

***** JLPT Test Date 6th December 2020*****

Can we get Japanese Language fluency in 3 months?

Most of the Learner who is going to start learning of the Japanese language and any other languages have a question that can we get fluency in 3 months? It’s a very difficult question to answer because we can’t analyze the ability of the learner & Also how hard Lerner is.

As we know the 16-year-old can speak 23 languages and he has fluency in some of the language as well from 23 languages so it’s become easy for guys like that to learn many languages in 3 months and go the fluency level in the next 3 month but you need to know that this achievement is not easy you need to give more time to your language learning to achieve the goal. JLPT Exam Dates in India 2020 & Know How to Apply

Online Japanese Language Course Delhi

Whenever you chose to learn a new language it will grow a new competition for you and all the competition has a different difficulty level. By the hard learning, dedication, and proper learning Plan you will reach the goal of Japanese Language Learning. Here we are going to share with you some of the best paths that you can follow and achieve your language learning goal.

Improve your skill while understanding common and basic sentences written in hiragana, katakana, and some very simple kanji. Understand spoken conversation on the sentence that was used in daily life in Japanese The language will help you to catch the Japanese language easily. Apart from this try to learn & Remember at least 500 Vocabulary and 60+ Kanji.

Japanese symbol | Japanese Language Classes in Delhi

Divide your Japanese language learning Program in different Tier and in Each tier you need to add some vocabulary and kanji to enhance your Listening and Speaking skills. Add at least 500+ Vocabulary and 50+ Kanji in each tier that you will assign for the week or 15 days. That will help you to learn the Japanese Language Rapidly.

If you love enemy then try to watch Enemy in the Japanese language after completing you Learning time it will refresh your mind and you will also improve your listening skills for the beginner level please watch enemy with English subtitle and understand the meaning of the Japanese language.

WFH Payslips UK

During the COVID-19 Outbreak, world are doing work from home and all the institute shut for the next 2-3 months as well so it was the best time for the executive who has a busy schedule to start learning the Japanese language and apply for the Job in Japan by improving their language skill. Start Learning the Japanese language Online with small batch size at affordable prices. Get Learn Japanese language and you feel like you sit inside the classroom because Nihonkai offers small class sizes with expert and experienced Trainers. Get Join Online Japanese Language Classes Nihonkai

Make an Aggressive Japanese learning Plan During Lockdown 2020

Without planning you can’t make a successful learning strategy. The learning plan will help you to take appropriate action you need to take. If you have a good learning plan that it will help you to complete your study in a quick time and it will also save money and time.

A learning plan helps you focus solely on what you are doing. if you have a learning plan than you can allocate your time separably on other things you don’t need to worry about the learning.

Japanese language classes | Learn Japanese

Mid Term Learning Plan (2-3 Years):- If You have a proper plan for Japanese language study like if you want to become Japanese language interpretation and it will take around 3 years and then you have to divide your time into a single year like aim for the 1st year. You have to make some research and separate some exciting things over you like more in the 1st year. In the second year, you have to test your lessening skills and speaking skills and make some improvements if need. In the last 3rd year you have to make practices of your learning and listing skills and become a master of the language. While completing your 3 Year course you will become the master in the Japanese language.

Study Plan | Japanese Language classes

Short Term Plan (6 Months – 1 Year):- in a short time Japanese language course you need to make a strategy on a daily basis what you need to do on 1st weekend and do hard work to achieve your goal in a short time period. How to Clear JLPT Exam in a Couple of Months?

How to Make a Japanese language learning plan

You need to make a proper plan for learning the Japanese language. take everything into consideration and find out what task needs to be done and achieve the goal in a specific period of time – how long it will take to complete each task.

Japanese Language Debate | Learn Japanese

If you have your N5 after Learning Japanese you need to understand things you need to know JPLT. Make a proper list of how much N5 Grammar and N5 Vocabulary and N5 Kanji need to learn at a specific time. like, divide your time according to course.

You need to make the practice of each session you completed and see that there is any improvement need. make the strategy of your week zone and do hard practice to improve this

Review Your Plan Every Day

At the End of every day you have to review your plan and know what you learned in today, how would rank on these days this will help you to focus on your week zone. If your outcome turns out well and does hard when your reviewed outcome turns bad.

Japanese conversation | Japanese language institute

Join Nihonkai India’s Top Japanese Language Institute and become professional in the Japanese language. Complete your Japanese language course and get 100% Placement in Top Japanese company. Don’t wait more to start learning Japanese and become professional in the Japanese language courses. Inquiry Today at Nihonkai Top Japanese language institute and get a free demo of Japanese language classes.

Japanese Language Learning Plan for Beginners in busy Lifestyle

Once you set the clearly defined goal to learn the Japanese language. Learning the Japanese language on a daily basis will help you to clear the JLPT Exam. Japanese language beginner must need to follow the Japanese language learning Plan for the best result. Here we are going to share with you the best way to learn the Japanese language in your busy lifestyle.

Nihonkai | Japanese Language Institute Delhi

Translating the Japanese language is not an easy task for anyone. If you want to establish your career in Japanese language translator then you need to have strong knowledge of 2 languages that is Native and Japanese language. Apart from the language, you need to understand both of the national cultures, emotions, feeling and more to be the best Japanese language translator. Know-How Much Japanese Language Skills Required to Work in Japan?

Study the Japanese Language Every Day in Busy Schedule

Make a strong Japanese language study program to learn the Japanese language on a regular basis from morning to night whenever you have free time then give your valuable time to learn the Japanese Language. On weekdays gives at least 3-4 hours to learn the Japanese Language.

Holiday or Week off Japanese Language Learning Plan

The week off getting learn Japanese from Morning to Night and give much more time as you want to gives. in Morning start with vocabulary its fresh time to start memorizing vocabulary and in your busy time keep repeat vocabulary in your mind it will help you to memorize vocabulary and you can follow these on weekdays busy routine to Memorize vocabulary will help you to clear JLPT Exam.

Holiday Study Routine | Learn Japanese Language

Breakdown Japanese Language Book in the small section.

Breakdown your Book into a small section like if your book has 10 chapters and each chapter has comprehension texts, dialogues texts, grammar points, composition and culture and/or language notes and more then complete one chapter in one week and divide each chapter in seven days and follow the routine to learn Japanese language efficiently.

Japanese Language Books | Japanese Language Course

If you are looking for the Best Japanese Language Institute to prepare for the JLPT Exam or looking for the land Job in Japan then Join Nihonkai India’s Top Japanese language Institute. Nihonkai Provide Basic to Advanced level Japanese Language course. Book Demo Classes at Free cost. Book Demo Classes for Japanese Language Course Nihonkai