Why did you fail to learn Japanese Language?

Did you know why you failed to learn the Japanese language? There is lots of reason behind this. Here we are going to share some of the most common and important factors that you need to consider while you want to learn the Japanese language by own.

1. Choosing Wrong Beginning Resource.

As you start with any textbook to learn the Japanese language and found lots of content available on the web that will help you to learn the Japanese language. You need to chose the right things to start your new language course. There are lots of books are available in the market that they will be told you how to start speaking and listening to any language with step by step guide but you need to aware of the things that the European language learning system is different from the Asian language learning system. In India every sends students will speak and write the English language that was the European language and the learning Japanese language is totally different from this so chose the right resources to start learning Japanese language will save your time and money as well. Scoring Section in JLPT Exam & Minimum Passing Marks Required for Each level

Choosing the Wrong Resource to Learn Japanese

2. Wrong Method Selection.

Someone who wants to learn the Japanese language will focus on Translation of the language in their preferred language. The translation method finally works with the European language like English but its quite impossible in the case of the Japanese language to learn the Japanese language with the help of Translation of the language. You can’t think direct in the Japanese language at the beginner level.

Wrong Study Method | Learn Japanese Language

3. Start Learning Japanese Language with “WHY”

Before learning any language just ask one question with your mind why should I learn it. Know exactly why you are learning the Japanese language and what is the use of learning the Japanese language in the future will generate a positive environment around you. List of All i-Adjective Vocabulary for JLPT N5 Exam

Why Learn Japanese | Japanese Language Course

4. Lack of Japanese Language Environment

Learning a language will become easy when you connect with native speakers. While you connect with Japanese Native you can practice the Japanese language with them & Improve your listening and speaking ability. If you don’t have an environment with a Japanese language speaker then it will be the biggest drawback in the case of Learning the Japanese language.

Learn Japanese With Nihonkai | Japanese Language Institute

Suppose if you travel to the new country it’s very difficult to find the right path where you are going to but with the help of the right resources you can reach their but if you follow the path suggested by the people then sometimes you will reach the wrong destination. Chose the right path will save your time and money as well. All the things that are mention above are difficult to follow by the beginner because they are in the new language world and everything is new for him so they can’t differentiate write and wrong things for him. Get Learn Japanese under the guidance of Expert and Professional Native tutor will suggest the right path and also they can sit with you and suggest all the right direction till the end of the journey. Join India’s Top Japanese Language Institute Nihonkai & JLPT Exam 

Know-How to Get Japan Work Visa for Mechanical Engineering Students?

Getting Job in the foreign country directly after complete your graduation is quite difficult for all the discipline but in case of Mechanical Engenerier it’s impossible but now due to shortage of manpower Japanese Government made some changes in their power visa requirements and they made immigration more flexible and easy as compared to the earlier process.

If you are mechanical Engineer then you will receive very fewer benefits of the new work visa policy as introduced by the Japan Government because in case of Mechanical Engineering Japanese company required work experience & If you had 1-2 Year of Work Experience along with your Mechanical Engineering then it was the Golden opportunity for you Just Enroll for Japanese language course and clear Basic Japanese language exam N5 & N4 then after that you are eligible for the work visa. Best Japanese Language Institute in Delhi

Mechanical Engineer | Japanese Language Classes in Delhi

In earlier Japanese organizations select an extraordinary employee for their Japan located branch from the other company but due to a shortage of manpower, they are looking for the employee who has a basic knowledge of Japanese language & Bachelor’s degree & 1-2 Year work experience in any Indian corporation.

We are at Nihonkai Japanese language Institute Provide Japanese language classes from basic to advanced level get to learn the Japanese language from local & Nativ Japanese language trainer. We had strong tied up with Japan embassy & Huge link with Japan located companies who hire an employee from India. Enhance your career with India’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai & We also provide 100% Placement as per your Education skills after complete the Japanese language course.

Nihonkai Japanese Language Institute | Learn Japanese

Without wasting your time Just enroll for Basic to advanced level Japanese language course at Delhi’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai. We are at Nihonkai provide Basic to Advance Level Japanese Language course

Japanese Companies Required around 2 Lakh latest technologies Graduate IT Students

Japan opens the door for Graduate Students with Japanese language skills. Over 1.7 Lakh IT enginers Japanese companies required they are looking for Working skills along with Japanese language skills and they welcome IT, staff, to Japan on work visa basic.

If you are a qualified engineer and want to get a better opportunity in India then it was a great opportunity for you to learn Japanese language and directly place your self in Japanese companies at good annual packages. Japan has a 5 lakh labor shortage to date due to less population of the country and low birth rate. Japan opens the door for the foreigner worker who has their Working skills and at least Basic Japanese Language knowledge of Speaking and listening. Basic to Advanced Language Japanese Language Course

IT Staff | Japanese Language Course in Delhi

First Japan looking for the employ from their neighbor countries like Vietnam and the Philippines to fill the labor shortage but due to the Good relationship between India and japan government the door is also open for the Indian employee as well because India has a huge population and Talent.

Earlier the students learn the Japanese language to become tour advisors and also those who looking for the job of language translator while Japanese visit in India for their business purpose and more but nowadays Graduate students want to work in Japan as per their working knowledge and experience. There is a huge vacancy for an employee in Japan. If you had IT skills then it was the golden time for you to get a job in Japan at Best Packages just Complete Basic Japanese language course and Clear JLPT Exam conduct by the Japan Foundation and Get the Job in Related companies as per your skills.

Nihonkai | Japanese Language Institute Delhi

There is a huge Labor shortage in Japan and it will fulfill by the end of 2023 or my be latter so it was the Great opportunity for you to learn the Japanese language at India’s Top Japanese Language Institute at Apply for the Job in Japan. We are at Nihonkai Provide Basic to Advanced Level Japanese Langauge Course. IIT & IIM Soon start Japanese Language Course for Their Students

IIT & IIM Soon start Japanese Language Course for Their Students

Japanese government negotiating the Indian government to introduced Japanese language courses in Indian premium technology and management collages. The top technology and management institute of India was IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology) and IIM (Indian Institute of Management).

IIT Delhi | Japanese Language Course Delhi

The Japan Foundation is focused on Information & Technology field to hire students related to these fields. They are negotiation with the Indian government to introduce Japanese language courses in Science stream related collages.

Apart from these Japan foundation is also looking for Japanese language teachers who can teach IIT & IIM Students. If you want to be the part of IIT and gives them Japanese language training to India’s Top & Brilliant students then learn Japanese and apply for the Japanese language teachers. Japan Foundation will take your test and they can place you as a Japanese language teacher in these Premier Technology & Management colleges of India.

IIM Students | Learn Japanese in Delhi

Japanese companies just showing more interest to hire Employee for Information & Technology Related filed from India’s Top & Premier Technology Institute IIT. A large number of Japanese companies are eyeing talent churned out of by these premium institutions of India.

As Indian Students learn the Japanese language then they would more demandable by the Japanese Multimedia companies with additional Japanese language and culture knowledge and they will receive better pay and Japan Government also said in the statement as it would work in the benefit of India also hence we hire an employee from India’s Premier Collages.

Nihonkai Japanese Language | Clear JLPT Exam

If you are IT student then it was the great opportunity for you as well Get learn Japanese language and at Nihonkai India’s Top Japanese language Institue will place you in Japan as well they have tied up With Japanese government to Placed Indian talented Students to Japanese multimedia companies and more related companies related to your knowledge skills. Basic to Advanced Japanese Language Course in Delhi NCR


Chandigarh Government rollout Japanese Language Course at Polytechnics College

Chandigarh Government takes one of the best steps towards a student’s future in this competitive world. Chandigarh Government plans to provide Japanese language education to their students in Chandigarh Polytechnic College that will open more scope for those students who complete their engineering from this Government college. Collage also invited the Japanese companies & those companies who collaborate with Japan into their job fair.

Director-General Technical Education of Haryana Mr. A. Sreenivas said that the memorandum of Corporation has a sign between the Department of Technical Education and the Japan Foundation in New Delhi. We start working on this project to build the bright future of our students. MoC was signed in an important meeting recently held at Government Polytechnic Manesar to kick start the Japanese Language Program in Chandigarh Polytechnic college as soon as possible.

Japanese Language Course

Mr. A. Sreenivas said that the Department initiates this step because they want their students to have at least a working knowledge of the Japanese language and getting acquire the Japanese culture. The graduate students from this collage will work in a Japanese organization that is going to operate in India or they can work in Japan as he has working knowledge of the Japanese language.

Mr. A. Sreenivas said that currently this program is run in 3 Polytechnic colleges under the name of Government Polytechnic Manesar, Government Polytechnic for Woman, Faridabad, and Government Polytechnic Sonepat. One more name Government Polytechnic Chandigarh will be added soon into the list. There is a huge vacancy in Japan for the workers and they also make their visa immigration system very simple as per their oldest one.

Polytechnic Collage | Japanese Language Course Delhi

Get learn the Japanese language with India’s top Japanese language institute Nihonkai after that you can apply for the teacher’s Job in These polytechnic colleges and earn a professional salary. there is a huge vacancy for a professional who has at least Basic  Japanese Language skills. Get Learn Japanese language from Basic to Advanced Level with India’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai

Japanese Language Education Demand & Institute Increased in Asia

Around 3.9 Million People Studies the Japanese language in Asia and around 19 Thousand Institutional are presented in overseas in the Fiscal year 2018. Japan Foundation conducts a survey every 3 years to know the Japanese learner status in the world and how popular the Japanese language and they start this since 1979.

In Japan, huge Labor is required due to the age factor in Japan and also a shortage of manpower that’s why the Japanese learner in the world increased every three years. In Survey the Japan foundation found that around 142 Countries and Territories offering Japanese language education to their students and currently India are not in Top 10 list who provide Japanese language to their students but day by day India’s number increased to provide Japanese language education to their students. Best Japanese Language Institute in Delhi NCR

Nihonkai Delhi | Japanese language course

There is around 19 Thousand institutes currently offer Japanese language education to their students and in the top list south Korea runs 3000+ Japanese language institute and dominating at the first position in providing Japanese language education to their students and 2998 Institute in Indonesia for Japanese language education around 1/3rd in the world these two countries are dominating.

Asian Countries japan | Japanese Language Classes

The number of Japanese language teachers is also increased as compared to the fiscal year 2015. If you live in India then Join Nihonkai Delhi’s Top Japanese language Institute who Provides Japanese language education to their students and they will give you 100% Placement Guarantee in India or Japan as per your Qualification and work experience.

Now it was the Golden opportunity for those who want to build their career in Japan because around 1 Million foreigner workers Japan required till 2025. Japan also made some changes to its immigration system Get learn Japanese language with India’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai. Know-How Much Japanese Language Skills Required to Work in Japan?

Foreigner Workers | Japanese Language Course

Know What Makes The Japanese Language Unique from Other Languages?

Here we are going to compare Japanese language with English and other language that is widely speak in India. So you can easily understand the difference of the language.

1. The Way the Person speak that will reflected his/her Character, “Grammatically Different” is somewhat of an exaggeration, But how someone is speak is actually different by person to person while both are saying the same thing. Like How typical male is speaking is different then how typical women speak. These different is not limited to the gender but it should be to very to the hierarchical relations like His/her Status, How old, How young, Rich and Poor, Boos & Employee, Arrogant and Non Arrogant, Child and adult all have the different tone in their language and that will reflect their status who they are by their talking style. Each dialects are also significantly different from each other.

Japan talking | Japanese Language Institute

2. Japanese is how fluid of a language it really is. There is great flexibility how words are made, Pronounced and more. Japanese are contentiously found new way to saying or express things because Japanese tends to focus on how word sound rather then the actual word itself. Japanese language is highly fluid and non standard. Young people who is continuously making up newer way to saying or express somthing in Japanese language. Know How Much Japanese Language Skills Required to Work in Japan?

The new Japanese young generation always do some innovative this with their language and they always made some changes in terms of speaking the language. Japanese students make each word sound “Cutter” that what the world suggested. Each generation will modify the way of speaking of the word and make them more simple and fluent that will improve speed of the speaking of the word. Its often difficult for the old generation to understand the language and words what they actually saying.

Talking | Japanese Language Course in Delhi

Here is we are going to share you some example of the word how young Japanese students pronounced the word the word “shindoi” means “I’m tired, exhausted”, but they have modified it to shindomi and another word “tsurai” means “tiring, painful”, and they have modified it to “tsura-tan”
An example of this is the trend that young females tend to modify the ending of the words that end in “i” to “mi”, in an attempt to sound “cuter” and less harsh. For example, the word “shindoi” means “I’m tired, exhausted”, but they have modified it to shindomi. Another example, “tsurai” means “tiring, painful”, and they have modified it to “tsura-tan”, for not much other reason than that it sounds “cute” and they apply the rule i>mi. Japanese are the big fan of shortening and abbreviating words. These things make Japanese language different from the other language.

Nihonkai Delhi | Japanese language course

If you want to learn Japanese language and build your career in Japan then it was the great opportunity for you to Learn Japanese with India’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai here you can found Native speakers as well. Nihonkai offer Basic to Advanced level Japanese Language course

Know How Much Japanese Language Skills Required to Work in Japan?

At the earlier in Japan you can get easily Jobs but now a days the competition raised so you need good communication Japanese language skills along with your knowledge skills.

If you want to travel for the Japan then you should found that the earlier employee that are working as per your skills on a post that you applied for have less Japanese language knowledge and also has less working skills but they are working with the company for the long time but now the competition for the new job will be on sky. Employment Rate of Japan’s College for Graduate Students recorded 97.6%

Foreigner Workers | Japanese Language Course Delhi

We are talking with Japanese Recruiter agency for the language requirement along with working skills for the new Job in Japan.

I Got the detail from the Recruiter that they told us that they are looking for those candidate who passed out N2 Level of the Japanese language Proficiency Test they beings commonly used benchmark.

Most of the Japanese companies will don’t have the tolerance power for lower level of Japanese known workers or executive because most of the population of Japan are talking in Japanese and they used Japanese as the mother tongue. They are preferred to talk in Japanese only they don’t have good English language skills so they looked for the N2 Level of knowledge skills for the foreigner who want to work with Japanese organization. While you passed out N2 Level of the Japanese language course then Their is lost of the door for the Job in Japan now open for you.

Japanese Language | Clear JLPT Exam India

This competition level raised day by day because talent skills reached at upper level. Now a days Japan has the labor shortage they required more foreigner workers who worked in Japan in that case they will select you if you have N3 Level expertise or Clear N3 Level of the Japanese language with your skill and after Joining the Organization Japan government Provide you free Japanese language course to clear Higher Japanese Language Level and work in Japan more Comfortably.

Nihonkai | Japanese Language Institute Delhi

If you have Great knowledge skills of your work then Join Nihonkai India’s Top Japanese Language Institute and Clear Japanese language course with Expert Trainer and Tutors. Get learn Japanese language from Basic to Advanced level. Get Free Demo classes from Nihonkai’s Tagore Garden Center. Basic to Advanced Level Japanese Language Course

The Way Language you speak will tell how Informative you are

Not the language that you speak have different in tone, Syntax and speed but it also change the way you convey information. Whenever you talk with someone in that situation more then 50% Case you convey information for particular things and more.

Linguistic Researchers studies 17 language from around the world to track difference in “information Rate” how quickly a spoken language get its point across and ranked them accordingly. We test all the language to convey the informational and we found Japanese language will be the winner in this run-up. All language have different convey information rate for the all languages. The convey of information for any language will not depends of the fluently of the language as you spoke in front of your colleague and your friends but its depends on language to language covey information rate. Free Japanese Language Demo Classes at Nihonkai Delhi

Talking | Japanese Language Course in Delhi

The 17 Language studies Contain that they have variety of speaking style: some have contrasting tones and some don’t have. Japanese and Spanish have 25 phonemes (distinct units of sound) as compared to English one of the most popular language in the world have 40 Phonemes and also Thai has the same Phonemes. Japanese has few hundred Japanese symbol and English has more then 7000 Symbol’s .

Japanese symbol | Japanese Language Classes in Delhi

There is significant difference in the information density of each language, meaning the amount of information contained in all the symbol. If you speak any language too fluently then it has less information per symbol but if you speak slowly slowly then all the symbol is packed with information. Should Foreigner Employees/Students need to Learn Japanese if they want to Live in Japan?

Researcher also found that the language spoken too fast has less information density in the same case with the same language if you spoke a language slowly slowly then its packed with the information density. A high fluently spoken language has less information density and its less predictable.

Nihonkai - Japanese Language Institute

There are still differences in information rates—French and English have a higher rate, while Hungarian, Thai, and Basque are on the lower end—but the range isn’t so great given the many differences between these languages.

Here in this article we share how you can spoke the language if you speak too fluently then it should share less information about the topic that you should discuss with your friends and college but if you speak slowly slowly then it should be packed with information that you want to share through the conversation. Then don’t spoke too fluently all the times as you know the language properly. Employment Rate of Japan’s College for Graduate Students recorded 97.6%

Japanese Language classes | Learn Japanese Language

Get learn Japanese Language with India’s Top Japanese Language Institute Nihonkai here you can learn Japanese from basic to Advanced level with Expert Local & Native Speakers of Japanese Language. Get Learn Japanese language & Clear JLPT Exam with India’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai New batches will started soon Get Free Demo Classes for Japanese Language Course at Nihonkai Delhi

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot Invites Japanese for Fresh Investment in State

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot assured Japanese organization and business delegation of his governments full cooperation and support in setting up the industry in the state. Ashok Gehlot gives the full assurance while meeting Japanese Ambassador Kanji Hiramatsu in business growth in Rajasthan state. Earlier Japanese organization working in Rajasthan state but Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot told Japanese business developer JETRO in a meeting to extend your business in Rajasthan and we will fully support your organization.

Ashok Gehlot | Japanese Language Course Delhi

During the meeting Japanese delegation appreciated the help and facilities to them in the currently functioning at Neemrana Japanese Zone where JETRO setup the Japanese organization plants to work in Rajasthan. While experience the good support and help by the Rajasthan government to Japanese businessman and japanese organization in their state they will extend their business and add some more plants in rajasthan after this conversation between Rajasthan Cheif minister Ashok Gehlot and Japanese ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu. Should Foreigner Employees/Students need to Learn Japanese if they want to Live in Japan?

JETRO | Japanese Language Institute Delhi

Over the official statement said that around 27,000 people are getting the job while currently working in Japanese organization in the state. The chief minister urged Japanese company already operating in the state of rajashthan. Gehlot explore the full possibility of the new fresh investment in the state with the cooperation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The japanese ambassador also said that they will cooperate in the training of teachers if the course is introduced in the state university for the Japanese language studies. Rajasthan Government Gehlot saying that Rajasthan is a most promoting state in the filed of solar energy sector. Japanese entrepreneurs may invest in solar power and they will get most possible support from the citizen and Government.

Solar Power Plant | Japanese Language Course

If you want to work with Japanese Organization in India or Out side Indian at officer rank then learn Japanese language as per your skill requirement and Get direct Placement into the Big Japanese entrepreneurs or Organization. Get Learn Japanese with Delhi’s Top Japanese language Institute Nihonkai