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The Fourth Annual Japanese Learning Inspired Vision and Engagement Talk, Japanese Language Speaking Competition Hosted by George Washington University on 11 Nov 18 by the Embassy of Japan in Washington. In this Competition, Students participate from worldwide and win Prizes.

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In this Competition there was participate in three Categories in the competition, Barbara Chen, a senior math major with a minor in Japanese studies. The Second Catagory in the Competition awarded by the Gold Prize who is a second-year master student in the Department of East Asian Language and Civilizations, who took the gold award in the third category-the most advanced of the three. Learn the Japanese Language at Nihonkai

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The Competition is structured in three round first Two round involving video speech submission. The final round narrowed the field of the consistent and they need to perform live in the front of 5 Judge and they judge their performance and these judges are from Japan Embassy and Educational and Cultural Institution of the Japan who Judge the Performance of the Contestant. The 5 Panel of Judge the Best Performer among the selected contestant and declared the winner according to their performance and awarded them with a gold medal in Washington D.C.

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The Students who participate in this contestant will prepare for the Japanese language a few months earlier and they can perform in front of their trainer and focus on their week zone and improve them and be the gold medalist into the competition. In this competition contestant were comes across the world. If you hade good Japanese Communication skills then you can also participate in the competition and win the Gold Medal.

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You can Learn Japanese Easily and Fast With India’s Top Japanese Language institute Nihonkai. We are at Nihonkai provide basic to Advance level Japanese Language, classes you can learn Japanese with our Expert Japanese Language Trainer. We hade expert Japanese language trainer from Japan as well will help you to Learn Japanese in the easiest and Fastest way. Get

5 Great Snow Festival to see in Japan in 2019

Everyone love snow during the winter japan celebrate Snow festival here we are going to share some of the best Snow festival in Japan that the Japanese celebrate each year and you can also join them during this festival but you need to book your flight ticket and accommodation in advance because during the festival you need to pay 3 to 4 time extra in fare and accommodation because the huge crowd comes to Japan during the snow festival. Here is the List of top 5 Snow Festival you can celebrate in Japan.

1. Sapporo Snow Festival (31 Jan to 11 Feb)

The most popular Snow festival in Japan was Sapporo snow festival held in Japan northernmost island, Hokkaido. Over 2 Million people to make the trek to this winter wonderland. There are loads to see and no matter what the time although these gravity-defying structures look mighty fine all lit up after sunset. For the True Hokkaido experience, Make sure to warm yourself with soup curry and chicken at the end of the day.

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2. Tokamachi Snow Festival 15-17 Feb

You could also follow the modern snow festival back to its roots in Nigata by taking a trip to Tokamachi snow festival. An Event Packed weekend celebrating traditional and contemporary Japanese to gives the Tokamachi Snow Festival broad appeal. This was the 2nd most Popular Snow Festival in Japan that they are celebrating

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3. Yunishigawa Onsen Kamakura Festival 26 Jan to 3 Mar

During the Onsen Kamakura Festival this place covered by the Tons of Snow so you can take the bullet train to your one of the nearby city towards snowboarding and snow festival-ing.

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The closest festival to the capital is in Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture. Called the Yunishigawa Onsen Kamakura Festival. Its take about 2 and a half hour to reach there by Bullet train from Tokyo. If you stay in Japan this winter then you can definitely go to enjoy this festival in Japan.

4. Zao Snow Monster Illuminations 1-3 Feb

Northan Japan is the Bomb for the Adventure and snow festival. Zao Onsen offering the mixture of Sports and snow to celebrate the snow festival. The Zao Snow Monster Illumination festival held from December until February is also the best time to visit there and enjoy the festival. Japan to Introduced New Japanese Language Test to Ease Labor Immigration 2018

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The Snow monster is actually treed on the mount and it’s totally covered by the Snow and give us the delighted view during the night you can use Ropeway to see the beautiful explosion in the night. Keep your self warm because their temperature will go up to -20*C

5. Ouchijuku Snow Festival 9-10 Feb

The Ouchijuku Snow Festival is held in an ancient village of Japan in the second week of February. You can watch the beautiful view and enjoy the environment during the second week of February because at this time their street is lined with beautifully crafted lanterns.

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These all the 5 Top Japanese snow festival you can enjoy during the winter Month JAN-FEB you can enjoy lots of festival in Japan. These basic things you need to consider while you travel to Japan that you need to Learn Basic Japanese to Communicate with Japanese for the Great fun because Japanese lover their language and they won’t prefer to learn English instead of Japanese. You need to learn Basic Japanese to Communicate with Japanese and Enjoy the Tradition of Japan and celebrate these Japanese festivals during the festive season. Get Lear Japanese with India’s Top Japanese Language Institute Nihonkai

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