Know What Makes The Japanese Language Unique from Other Languages?

Here we are going to compare Japanese language with English and other language that is widely speak in India. So you can easily understand the difference of the language.

1. The Way the Person speak that will reflected his/her Character, “Grammatically Different” is somewhat of an exaggeration, But how someone is speak is actually different by person to person while both are saying the same thing. Like How typical male is speaking is different then how typical women speak. These different is not limited to the gender but it should be to very to the hierarchical relations like His/her Status, How old, How young, Rich and Poor, Boos & Employee, Arrogant and Non Arrogant, Child and adult all have the different tone in their language and that will reflect their status who they are by their talking style. Each dialects are also significantly different from each other.

Japan talking | Japanese Language Institute

2. Japanese is how fluid of a language it really is. There is great flexibility how words are made, Pronounced and more. Japanese are contentiously found new way to saying or express things because Japanese tends to focus on how word sound rather then the actual word itself. Japanese language is highly fluid and non standard. Young people who is continuously making up newer way to saying or express somthing in Japanese language. Know How Much Japanese Language Skills Required to Work in Japan?

The new Japanese young generation always do some innovative this with their language and they always made some changes in terms of speaking the language. Japanese students make each word sound “Cutter” that what the world suggested. Each generation will modify the way of speaking of the word and make them more simple and fluent that will improve speed of the speaking of the word. Its often difficult for the old generation to understand the language and words what they actually saying.

Talking | Japanese Language Course in Delhi

Here is we are going to share you some example of the word how young Japanese students pronounced the word the word “shindoi” means “I’m tired, exhausted”, but they have modified it to shindomi and another word “tsurai” means “tiring, painful”, and they have modified it to “tsura-tan”
An example of this is the trend that young females tend to modify the ending of the words that end in “i” to “mi”, in an attempt to sound “cuter” and less harsh. For example, the word “shindoi” means “I’m tired, exhausted”, but they have modified it to shindomi. Another example, “tsurai” means “tiring, painful”, and they have modified it to “tsura-tan”, for not much other reason than that it sounds “cute” and they apply the rule i>mi. Japanese are the big fan of shortening and abbreviating words. These things make Japanese language different from the other language.

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India-Japan Ties to Become Strongest County in New India Saying PMO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that we tie with the Japan Government will provide the big support to our new Project ” New India” and also PM Narendra Modi thanks to all the 61 Crore Voter to give him again an opportunity to serve better as the Prime Minister of India.

Japanese Language Course | Learn Japanese

This speech is given by the PM Narendra Modi as he visited Japan for the G20 Metting held in Japan and Narendra Modi said that Japan is the important place in the world to make a good relationship in all the Filed like goodwill and respect for each other’s culture and civilization, these are the most common factor that will improve our relationship. The Speech is Given by the PMO of India said while addressing an enthusiastic Indian Community at Kobe. That was the Proud moment for all the Indian who Present at Kobe during the Speech. India-Japan maiden 2+2 talks ahead of Modi-Abe meeting to Enhance Growth

Narendra Modi Said that almost 2 Decade ago, Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori together try to make a good relationship as a Global Partnership. Narendra Modi Said that we are trying to established good Relationship with Japan from 2014 as I got a chance to strengthen our Friendship.

India and Japan | Japanese Language course

PM Narendra Modi also noted that the contribution of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Justice Radhabinod Pal and many other Indians in Strengthening India’s relationship with Japan. India and Japan

In the Seminar, Pm Narendra Modi Said that The Indian voter Trusted on me once again and my responsibility to keep their trust and do something Good for our country and make our Country more powerful in all the way like Trading, Export & Import and There is lots of Tasks we need to Perform

Japanese Language Classes | Learn Japanese Language

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The government of Japan Conduct Japanese Language Test to Work in Japan in 8 Asian Country

Japanese Government has decided to conduct a Japanese language Test in the 8 Countries for the prospect of hiring foreign workers. You can visit any of these countries to gives the Japanese language test according to new labor policy. You need to pass these test to work in Japan according to new residency statuses, set to be introduced in April 2019 to alleviate severe labor shortages. Japan has the Labour shortage they will be hired around 1Million Forginer worker at the end of 2019. If you want to work in Japan and get the proper work visa then you can complete these course at India’s Top Japanese Language Institute Nihonkai. Nihonkai Provide Basic to Advanced level Japanese Language Course Delhi you can complete these test and Gives JLPT Exam in India and then after that you can Prepare for the Special Course that was Required to get the work visa for Japan

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Due to the labor shortage in Japan, the government of Japan will introduce a new residency scheme in April 2019. Seven of the Eight countries are decided where you can freely visit and Gives the Test & Get the Conformation letter for the Work Permit in Japan. These countries are Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The eighth Country is still Negotiation with Japan government to Conduct these test on their country. If The eighth Country was India then it will become the Easiest task for Indian employees to Give the Test and Get hired by the Japanese Government & Get Proper Work Visa once clear all the Test that meet their requirement. Otherwise Indian Can visit These 7 Countries for the examination. Know How to Chose the right Japanese Language Institute

Asian Country | Japanese Language Classes

Japanese Government Gives Bundle of Benefits to foreigner workers. Once Forginer worker clear their Special Language Proficiency Test that was conducted by the Japanese Government then they will able to Open Bank account at Japan and they Received their Salaries on their Bank account and also in Cash. Due to Government Requirement that employers need to pay the Salary of Fornier worker at Least or Equivalent to that of Japanese Worker. Technical trainees cannot open their bank accounts and many have received payment in cash. That was the Bundle Benefits you can Receive because this time Not an Organization Recruit. The Requirement by the Japanese Government.

Japanese Government Requirement | JLPT Course

The Japanese Government also open 100 Consultation Center for the Forginer worker so they can share their daily problems over there and also 47 prefectures to help foreign workers to settle problems in their daily life. If you want to work in Japan then it was the Golden time for you to Join Japanese organization with Bunch of Benefits. Join Nihonkai India’s Top Japanese Language Institute and Start Preparation from Today and Be Prepared for the Exam held in April 2019. Nihonkai has Well Qualified Trainer will help you to Clear JLPT Exam and also special exam conduct by the Japanese Government for Employee hiring. Nihonkai Offer N5 to N1 Japanese Language Course at their Delhi NCR Center.

How to Chose the right Japanese Language Institute

You’ve felt the spark to learn Japanese. It might be because of the Japanese culture & Wide career scope in Japan. Day by day Japanese Lerner interest will increase because their is labor shortage in the Japan and they are looking for the foreigner employ and at the end of the 2019 Japanese government welcome around 2 million foreigner Employs. They start to improve their migration system and welcome the foreigner employs to work in Japan with Japanese Company.

In India within few years bullet train will start in operation and at this time Japan will focus on Indian employs who has the great skills in Japanese language will become the part of the bullet train because all the driver and operator will trained in Japan by the Expert Japanese Engineers. With this their is huge number of institute are open to provide Japanese language course but all will not suit on you. Before Getting enrollment you need to consider few things that we discuss below.

1. Examine the Teaching and Learning Style

Before taking full time admission into the any Language institute just check the Teaching and Learning Style of the Trainers. Is their teaching style will help you to understand their worlds. You feel comfortable to Learn Japanese. Teaching style was the most important factor when are you going to learn Japanese language with any reputed institute. Great Teaching Technique will help you to adopt language easily in the desired time frame.

Teaching Style | Japanese Language Course

2. Look at the Reviews

Review was the most important thing you need to consider while choosing the Reputed Institute. You need to check the online students review and you can also talk with the current students and gives their feedback about the education and their training process.

students review | Japanese Language Institute

3. Ask about the Teachers

Check the teacher qualification. While most of the language school have teachers with excellent qualifications, this is not always the case but before you get to enroll into the institute you need to check your teacher qualification. Check that your teacher is native speaker and how they will conduct the class.

4. Think about Class Size and Flexibility

It was the most important thing you need to also consider because class size is also matter. The large class size will less attention you will get from the trainer. Students love small class size because in that class size you will get more attention. To develop conversation and communication skills, a small class is always much more comfortable to work with

Class Size | Japanese Language Classes

These was the Most important thing you need to consider while choosing the right Japanese language institute for you. If you are looking for the best Institute to Learn Japanese language then chose Nihonkai Delhi’s top Japanese language Institute have Great User review and Students feedback was the brilliant. You can Join Nihonkai to Learn Japanese language. Nihonkai Also Conduct Demo Classes on Each Sunday. You can Take Demo Classes and Check all the Points that we discuss at the starting of the Blog. All the Answer of the Question were fulfilled here. Nihonkai Was the highly recommended Japanese Language institute you can Join and Start Learning Japanese from Basic to Advanced Level Japanese Language Classes. Best Japanese Language Institute in Delhi NCR

List of All i-Adjective Vocabulary for JLPT N5 Exam

There are two kinds of Adjectives are in Japanese Language that they are used first is I Adjectives means Japanese origin always ends with “I” and second was Na-adjective this was from Chinese origin. This Conjugation is same as noun. These adjectives you need to know for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT N5 Level.

i Adjectives | Japanese language course

I Adjective will help you to score few points in Grammar section of the JLPT Exam Because few question always ask in this section. If you are new in Japanese language and you don’t know from where to start learning Japanese then This blog for you. The first and Basic test who check your Japanese language skills was JLPT N5 and it will carry 180 Marks and you need to score at least 80 Marks to Qualify JLPT N5 Level. It was the Initial level for the Japanese language Proficiency test.

Japanese Language Classes | Japanese Language Course

We are shearing the List of all Important I Adjective for Beginners and also for the Advanced Lerner who can revised this. If you are new in Japanese language then don’t go for the online resource because there is lots of Content available in internet and you will getting confused which one is for you and Learning new language like a new born baby who don’t know how to speak and how to understand languages.

Japanese Language Adjective | Japanese language Institute

Suppose if you want to go at new place and you ask about the location direction and few one guide you into the wrong direction so you need the help of expert for the accuracy in the same case when you learn new language you need the help of expert tutors and trainer will save your time. Utilize these time to earn money and just little bit amount you need to pay for the Japanese tutors as you take Japanese Language Course/Classes in Delhi NCR


Romaji Hiragana Kanji English
abunai あぶない 危ない dangerous
akai あかい 赤い red
akarui あかるい 明るい light, bright
amai あまい 甘い sweet
aoi あおい 青い blue
atarashii あたらしい 新しい new, fresh
atatakai あたたかい 温かい warm
atsui あつい 暑い,熱い hot
chiisai ちいさい 小さい small, little
chikai ちかい 近い near, close
furui ふるい 古い old not used to describe a person
futoi ふとい 太い thick, fat
hayai はやい 早い early
hayai はやい 速い fast, quick
hikui ひくい 低い low
hiroi ひろい 広い wide, spacious
hoshii ほしい 欲しい to want something
hosoi ほそい 細い thin, fine
ii, yoi いい, よい 良い good
isogashii いそがしい 忙しい busy
itai いたい 痛い to be painful
karai からい 辛い hot, spicy
karui かるい 軽い light (not heavy)
kawaii かわいい 可愛い cute, pretty
kiiroi きいろい 黄色い yellow
kitanai きたない 汚い dirty
kurai くらい 暗い dark
kuroi くろい 黒い black
marui まるい 丸い round
mazui まずい 不味い bad tasting
mijikai みじかい 短い short
muzukashii むずかしい 難しい difficult
nagai ながい 長い long
oishii おいしい 美味しい delicious, tasty
omoi おもい 重い heavy
omoshiroi おもしろい 面白い interesting
ookii おおきい 大きい big, large
osoi おそい 遅い late, slow
samui さむい 寒い cold (referring temperature)
semai せまい 狭い narrow
shiroi しろい 白い white
suzushii すずしい 涼しい cool
takai たかい 高い expensive, tall, high
tanoshii たのしい 楽しい enjoyable
tooi とおい 遠い far
tsumaranai つまらない 詰らない uninteresting
tsumetai つめたい 冷たい cold (referring touch)
tsuyoi つよい 強い strong
usui うすい 薄い thin
wakai わかい 若い young
warui わるい 悪い bad
yasashii やさしい 易しい easy
yasui やすい 安い inexpensive, cheap



How to Learn Japanese Fast & Easily with Japanese Language Course

Now a day people are frustrated because they want to do many things in short interval of time and also they are looking to do some productive works in their life. New language is quite difficult to learn and it was any thing like Hindi, English, Japanese and more. Learning Japanese will gives you the great productivity and also you feel somthing special because Japanese speaker is rarely found in Asia apart from Japan. Get Learn Japanese language and be the part of Innovative Japanese organization.

Japanese Language Students | Learn Japanese Language

Lets i share you how difficult is Japanese language to learn. suppose you don’t know how to swim and we push you into the deep water then how could you learn to swim in just a moment in your case you now how to swim and you see many of people while they are swing and if we replace yourself with 6 year old kid then how he will swim into the deep water because he don’t know any things about the swimming. While you learning new language like Japanese then you belong to 6 year Kids because you don’t know anything about the Japanese language and it was totally new for you. With the help of hard work and dedication you can learn Japanese language easily. while you start from zero you will become the champion in swimming in just few months in the same situation when you start to learn Japanese then you will learn and speak fluently Japanese in few months.

Japanese language kanji | Learn Japanese Language

You can’t learn any things in one day you need to spend time while learning any thing it should be language and more things. Make a proper plan for learning Japanese language will help you to reach on your goal easily. Make a strong plan for learning Japanese

Here we are going to share some Tips will help you to Learn Japanese Easily and Fast

1. Start Learning Japanese Language Kanji and Vocabulary simultaneously. Kanji is an English Character which you write the Japanese language. Kanji is not easy to learn but if you learn kanji along with Japanese vocabulary then it will become easy to learn Japanese language.

2. Master the use of Japanese Grammar. If you are watching movie and anime then just watch Japanese Movie and anime and hear the character. you can’t speak Japanese like them but you can understand their language and it will help you to learn Japanese Fast.

Anime Japanese | Japanese Language Course

3. If lazy person and if you are felling bore to read Japanese books and don’t have time to read the books then watch movie in Japanese and change the movie subtitle in Japanese and watch movie in your language will help you to learn Japanese fast.

pk Japanese | Japanese Language Institute

Make friends who will able to speak in Japanese then you away meet him will try to speak in Japanese and share your thought in Japanese. these are the some common technique you can follow to learn Japanese but apart from this some of the expert Guidance you need to follow to learn Japanese. You need to Join Japanese language institute they will give you the right path to learn Japanese and these activity will help you to learn Japanese easily and smoothly. Join India’s Top Japanese Language Institute Nihonkai here expert teacher and trainer will help you to learn Japanese language easily and also get your Japanese budy easily. At Nihonkai you can Learn Japanese from basic to Advance Level Japanese Language Course are Available

List of All JLPT N5 Vocabulary in Japanese Language

The JLPT N5 Test is Divided into 3 Section these are Language Knowledge (Vocabulary), Language Language (Reading), and Listening Skills. Language knowledge are the combined section where they test your Vocabulary and Reading Skills. Language Knowledge test comes with 120 Marks and you need to Earn 38 Marks to Qualify this Level. We are going to share some useful vocabulary that will help you to Clear JLPT N5 Level.

Japanese language course | Japanese Language Institute

N5 is the Initial Level for the Japanese language Proficiency test. The test is conducted in 2 Separate Exams. 1st Language test that we discuss earlier and 2nd was the Listening test you need to pas both test separately. Passing marks required for the language knowledge was the 38 marks out of 120 marks and 19 Marks required to Qualify Listening section out of 60 Marks. After the each section you have clear then overall 80 Marks required to Qualify the JLPT N5 Level out of 180 Marks.

Japanese language course delhi

We are at Nihonkai provide Basic to Advanced level Japanese language Course. Get Enroll Today and take free Demo Classes for Japanese language course. Huge number of Jobs are waiting in Japan due to shortage of Man Power in Japan. Get Learn Japanese with India’s top Japanese Language institute Nihonkai and make your future bright. N5 to N1 Japanese Language Course 

No. Romaji Hiragana Kanji English
1 okimasu おきます 起きます get up, wake up
2 nemasu ねます 寝ます sleep, go to bed
3 hatarakimasu はたらきます 働きます work
4 yasumimasu やすみます 休みます take a rest, take a holiday
5 benkyoushimasu べんきょうします 勉強します do study
6 kyuukeishimasu きゅうけいします 休憩します take a break, take a rest
7 owarimasu おわります 終わります finish
8 ikimasu いきます 行きます go
9 kimasu きます 来ます come
10 kaerimasu かえります 帰ります go home, return
11 tabemasu たべます 食べます eat
12 nomimasu のみます 飲ます drink
13 suimasu すいます [たばこ を-] 吸います smoke [a cigarette]
14 mimasu みます 見ます see, look at, watch
15 kikimasu ききます 聞きます hear, listen
16 yomimasu よみます 読みます read
17 kakimasu かきます 書きます write
18 kaimasu かいます 買います buy
19 torimasu とります しゃしん を-] 撮ます take [a photograph]
20 shimasu します do or play
21 aimasu あいます ともだち に-] 会います meet [a friend]
22 kirimasu きります 切ります cut
23 shuurimasu しゅうります 修理ます repair
24 denwa wo kakemasu でんわ を かけます 電話 を かけます make a phone call
25 agemasu あげます あげます give
26 moraimasu もらいます 貰います receive
27 oshiemasu おしえます 教えます teach
28 naraimasu ならいます 習います learn
29 kashimasu かします 貸します lend
30 karimasu かります 借ります borrow
31 wakarimasu わかります 分かります understand
32 arimasu あります have
33 arimasu あります exist be (inanimate)
34 imasu います exist be (animate)
35 imasu います [こども が-] have [a child]
36 imasu います [にほん に] stay be[in Japan]
36 kakarimasu かかります 掛かります take cost(referring to time or minutes)
37 yasumimasu やすみます [かいしゃ を-] 休みます take a day off[work]
38 asobimasu あそびます 遊びます enjoy oneself, play
39 oyogimasu およ 泳ぎます swim
40 mukaemasu むかえます 迎えます go to meet, welcome
41 tsukaremasu つかれます 疲れます get tired
42 kekkonshimasu けっこんします 結婚します marry, get married
43 kaimonoshimasu かいものします 買い物します do shopping
44 shokujishimasu しょくじします 食事します have a meal, dine
45 sanposhimasu さんぽします [こうえん を-] 散歩します take a walk [in a park]
46 tsukemasu つけます 点けます turn on
47 keshimasu けします 消します turn off
48 akemasu あけます 開けます< open
49 shimemasu しめます 閉めます close, shut
50 isogimasu いそぎます 急ぎます hurry
51 machimasu まちます wait
52 mochimasu もちます 待ちます hold
53 torimasu とります 取ります take,pass
54 tetsudaimasu てつだいます 手伝います help (with a task)
55 yobimasu よびます 呼びます call
56 hanashimasu はなします 話します speak, call
57 tsukaimasu つかいます 使います use
58 tomemasu とめます 止めます stop, park
59 misemasu みせます 見せます show
60 oshiemasu おしえます [じゅうしょ を-] 教えます tell [an address]
61 suwarimasu すわります 座ります sit down
62 tachimasu たちます 立ちます stand up
63 hairimasu はいります [きっさてん に-] 入ります [きっさてん に-] enter [a cafe]
64 demasu でます [きっさてん を-] 出ます [きっさてん を-] go out [of a cafe]
65 furimasu あめ が ふります 雨 が 降ります rain
66 kopi-shimasu コピ- します copy
67 okimasu おきます 置きます put
68 tsukurimasu つくります 作ります make, produce
69 urimasu うります 売ります sell
70 shirimasu しります 知ります get to know
71 sumimasu すみます 住みます be going to live
72 kenkyuushimasu けんきゅうします 研究します do research
73 norimasu のります [でんしゃ に] 乗ります [電車 に] ride,get on[a [train]
74 orimasu おります [でんしゃ を] 降ります [電車 を] get off[a [train]
75 norikaemasu のりかえます 乗り換えます change[train etc.]
76 abimasu あびます [シャワ- を] 浴びます [シャワ- を] take[a shower]
77 iremasu いれます 入れます put in,insert
78 dashimasu だします 出します take out,hand in,send
79 oroshimasu おろします [おかね を] 下ろします withdraw
80 hairimasu はいります [だいがく に] 入ります [大学 に] enter [university]
81 demasu でます [だいがく を] 出ます [大学 を] graduate from[university]
82 oshimasu おします 押します push,press
83 nomimasu のみます 飲みます drink, alcohol
84 hajimemasu はじめます 始めます start, begin
85 kengakushimasu けんがくします 見学します tour, visit a place to study
86 denwashimasu でんわします 電話します phone
87 oboemasu おぼえます 覚えます memorise
88 wasuremasu わすれます 忘れます forget
89 nakushimasu なくします 無くします lose
90 haraimasu はらいます 払います pay
91 kaeshimasu かえします 返します give back,return
92 dekakemasu でかけます 出かけます go out
93 nugimasu ぬぎます 脱ぎます take off(clothes, shoes etc.)
94 motte ikimasu もって いきます 持って 行きます take (something)
95 motte kimasu もって きます 持って 来ます bring (something)
96 shinpaishimasu しんぱいします 心配します worry
97 zangyoushimasu ざんぎょうします 残業します work overtime
98 jucchoushimasu じゅっちょうします go on a business trip
99 nomimasu のみます [くすり を-] 飲みます [薬 を-] take [medicine]
100 hairimasu はいります [おふろ に-] 入ります [お風呂 に-] take [a bath]
101 dekimasu できます 出来ます be able to, can
102 araimasu あらいます 洗います wash
103 hikimasu ひきます 弾きます play(stringed instrument,piano etc.)
104 utaimasu うたいます 歌います sing
105 atsumemasu あつめます 集めます collect, gather
106 sutemasu すてます 捨てます throw away
107 kaemasu かえます 変えます exchange,change
108 untenshimasu うんてんします 運転します drive
109 yoyakushimasu よやくします 予約します reserve, book
110 noborimasu のぼります 上ります climb, go up
111 tomarimasu ホテル に とまります ホテル に 泊まる stay [at a hotel]
112 soujishimasu そうじします 掃除します clean [a room]
113 sentakushimasu せんたくします 洗濯します wash (clothes)
114 narimasu なります 成ります become
115 irimasu ビザ が いります ビザ が 要ります need, require [a visa]
116 shirabemasu しらべます 調べます check, investigate
117 shuurishimasu しゅうりします 修理します repair
118 omoimasu おもいます 思います think
119 iimasu いいます 言います say
120 kachimasu かちます 勝ちます win
121 makemasu まけます 負けます lose, be beaten
122 kimasu きます シャツ を 着ます put on (a shirt etc.)
123 hakimasu はきます 靴 を はきます put on (shoes, trousers etc.)
124 kaburimasu かぶります 帽子 を かぶります put on (a hat etc.)
125 hakemasu めがね を かけます 眼鏡 を かけます put on (glasses)
126 shimasu ネクタイ を します put on (tie)
127 umaremasu うまれます 生まれます be born
128 kikimasu せんせい に ききます 先生 に 聞きます ask [the teacher]
129 mawashimasu まわします 回します turn
130 hikimasu ひきます 引きます pull
131 kaemasu かえます 変えます change
132 sawarimasu ドア に さわります ドア に 触ります touch [a door]
133 demasu おつり が でます おつり が 出ます [change] come out
134 arukimasu あるきます 歩きます walk
135 watarimasu はし を わたります 渡ります cross [a bridge]
136 magarimasu みぎ へ まがります みぎ へ 曲がります turn [to the right]
137 kuremasu くれます give(me)
138 naoshimasu なおします 治します repair, correct
139 tsurete ikimasu つれて いきます 連れて 行ます take(someone)
140 tsurete kimasu つれて きます 連れて 来ます bring(someone)
141 okurimasu ひと を おくります 人 を 送ります escort [someone], go with
142 shoukaishimasu しょうかいします 紹介します intoduce
143 onnaishimasu おんないします show around, show the way
144 setsumeishimasu せつめいします 説明します explain
145 kangaemasu かんがえます 考えます think,consider
146 tsukimasu つきます 着きます arrive
147 torimasu とし を とります 年 を 取ります grow old
148 tarimasu たります 足ります be enough, be sufficient


India Open First Center for Japanese Language Teachers

By Watching the Success rate of the Japanese Business in India and Japanese was the 2nd Most Popular Language in India. Students want to Learn Japanese for the Bright Future. Japanese become the 1st Choice for the Indian in Asian Language. Japanese is little bit Easy to Learn as Compare to Chines language and India has also the Good Relationship with Japan and with the Help of both Country Support Japanese Foundation Open Japanese Language Teacher Training Center in India to Improve the Japanese language learning Activity.

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The ambassador noted in the speech that the demand of the Japanese Lerner is increased day by day by India-Japanese Relationship flourishes. That tends to improve the Employment in the Japan. The Japanese organization is increasing day by day and they are looking for the Employ from the India so they can manage their company and who can work with Japanese organization. According to the News Japan Increase their Organization 4 time in the Upcoming 10 Years. It was the Greatest Achievement for the Japanese and also Indian has lots of opportunists to work with Innovative Japanese to support their and our Country.

India’s 1st Taring Center for Japanese Teachers was Officially open in Capital of the India Delhi on 23rd July 2018.

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The Inauguration ceremony for the Center which is a Joint Project involving the Indian minister of External affairs and Japanese Embassy with the support of the Japanese foundation was attended by Japanese Ambassador to India Kenji Hiramatsu.

With the Help of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime minister Shinto Abe they have sign the Agreement to Train 1000 Teacher in India and open 100 Educational Institute in India to Trainer India to Learn Japanese easily. One of the Expert Japanese Language trainer said that we are going to train them to think in their own way so that they are able to find for themselves the best method to teach the Japanese language

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Make an Aggressive Japanese learning Plan

Without planing you can’t make a successful learning strategy. Learning plan will help you to take appropriate action you need to take. If you have good learning plan that it will help you to complete your study in a quick time and it will also save money and time.

Learning plan help you on focus solely on what you are doing. if you have learning plan than you can allocate your time separably on other things you don’t need to worry about the learning.

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Mid Term Learning Plan (2-3 Years) :- If You have a proper plan for Japanese language study like if you want to become Japanese language interpretation and it will take around 3 Years and then you have to divide your time into single year like aim for the 1st year. You have to make some research and separate some exciting things over you like more in the 1st year. In the second year you have to test your lessening skills and speaking skills and make some improvement if need. In the last 3rd year you have to make practices of your learning and listing skills and become master of the language. While completing your 3 Year course you will become the master in Japanese language.

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Short Term Plan (6 Months – 1 Years) :- in a short time Japanese language course you need to make a strategy on daily basis what you need to do on 1st weekend and do hard work to achieve your goal in a short time period. How to Clear JLPT Exam in Couple of Months?

How to Make Japanese language learning plan

You need to make a proper plan for learning Japanese language. take everything in consideration and find out what task need to be done and achieve the goal in a specific period of time – how long it will take to complete each task.

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If you have your N5 after Learning Japanese you need to understand things you need to know JPLT. Make a proper list how much N5 Grammar and N5 Vocabulary and N5 Kanji need to learn in a specific time. like divide your time according to course.

You need to make practice of each session you completed and see that their is any improvement need. make strategy of your week zone and do hard practice to improve this

Review Your Plan Every Day

At the End of the every day you have to review your plan and know what you learnt in today, how would rank on these day this will help you to focus on your week zone. If your outcome turns out well and do hard when your reviewed outcome turns badly.

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Top Useful Beginner Japanese language conversation

Today We are going to Learn Some Simple Japanese sentence that you can use in Daily life. If you are Beginner then It was for you You Can Learn These 5 Sentence and Fell proud to talk in Japanese. In this Easy Conversation you will learn Some most Important Phrases here is it.

1. How to introduce yourself in Japanese
2. Ask if someone’s free to hang out
3. Check if someone speaks English
4. Ask for directions

1. Introduce Yourself in Japanese Language

When you meet with strangers then the 1st step of the conversation is to introduce your self. Here is the Simple sentence that you can say in Japanese while you meet with someone

Japanese Conversation | Japanese language institute

A. “Hi Nice to Meet you

Kon’nichiwa anata ni au tame ni nīsu

B. I am Ramesh, I am 25 Year Old

私はラメッシュです 私は25歳です
Watashi wa ramesshudesu Watashi wa 25-saidesu

C. I Lived in Japan for 5 Years.

Watashi wa 5-nenkan Nihon ni sunde imashita.

2. Ask Some for Hangout

When you 1st time meet with strangers then you will do some formal talk like introduce yourself and after few interaction you can ask for the hangout. You can learn how to say hangout in Japanese language. If You Failed in the JLPT? Now What to Do?

Ask For Hangout in Japanese | Japanese Classes

Ramesh: I’d like to see you again. When are you free?
Mata aitai desu. Itsu aitemasuka

Riya: I’m pretty busy this week. How about next Monday?
Konshuu wa kekkou isogashii desu. Raishuu no getsuyoubi wa doudesuka

Ramesh: I’m not free next week. Just let me know when you are free next month.
Raishuu wa aitemasen. Raigetsu ni aitara oshiete kudasai

Riya: Sure, I’ll send you an e-mail. See you soon!
Mochiron. Meeru wo okurimasu. Dewa mata aimashou

We are going to share some intresting Japanese words with meanings in English

Mata – again, Itsu – when?, Konshuu – this week, Isogashii – busy, Getsuyoubi – Monday Raishuu – next week, Raigetsu – next month, Mochiron – Sure/Of course

3Ask someone if they speak English

If you are new in Japanese and unable to talk in Japanese then you can ask someone if they speak English. Because if you completed basic Japanese language then you can face Japanese in some formal conversation and if they talk on others and start debate at this time you need to ask them if they can speak in English.

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A. Ramesh: If it’s okay with you, can I speak in English?
Moshi yoroshikereba eigo de hanashitemo iidesuka

B. Riya: Sure, no problem. I need to practice my English, too.
Mochiron mondai arimasen. Watashi mo eigo wo renshuu shinakereba ikemasen.


4. Ask for Direction

It was the most important Paragraphs you need it when you travel to Japan or roam any where in Japan this will help you to reached in your destination without any problems. these are the Common things that you can learn before visiting Japan because if you didn’t know these paragraphs then you can face many of problems and need to hire Language Translator will increase your budget.

Ask direction in Japanese | Japanese language classes

A. ki: Can you tell me where Takashimaya is?
Takashimaya ga doko ni aruka oshiete moraemasuka

B. Tomo: If you go straight here, you can turn right at the first stoplight. Then, you will see it on your left side.
Koko wo massugu iku to saisho no shingou de migi ni magattekudasai. Hidari gawa ni arimasu

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